How to String a Weed Whacker? – Detailed Instructions

If you are looking for how to string a weed whacker, you may already have a problem with this instrument. It is totally normal not to know how to string the trimmer. Most of the people don’t. But when you become the owner of this useful tool, and the grass in the yard or lawn is waiting to be cut, you have to learn how to do this. This is why I recommend you to read the guidance attentively before you perform a weed whacker string replacement procedure by yourself. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out where to put a new string. Follow an easy step-by-step guide.

How to String a Weed Whacker?
If your trimmer doesn’t have an automatic feeder thread, apply the weed whacking string to the head and wind it around the spool a few times. Then, simply pull out the amount of line that you need and start trimming.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ


Even the most experienced gardeners do not usually know how to put a string in a weed whacker. Despite the popularity of the tool and its simplicity in work, this problem is not widespread. However, when the situation occurs, it is better to be aware of how to thread a weed whacker.

Step-by-step guide: How to change weed whacker string

Before you start, find the manual for your model if you can. Also, pay attention to whether this instrument has one or two strings. After that, you can read this guide on how to change the string.

Step 1: Prepare the string

You need to find out everything about your string trimmer beforehand. Some models require only a spool, which you can buy from the same manufacturer or at any store that sells tools for gardening. However, there are few models that offer to replace a weed eater line only with a specific type. Check out the size of the string. If you choose wrong, your next purchase may be a new weed whacker.

Step 2: Release the spool

Push the tabs in or unscrew the spool, depending on your model. Several models of string trimmers require total removal of the trimmer’s head. You need to pull out the head from the body gently. I recommend reading the manual first. If you can’t find how to change a weed whacker string in it, somehow, but you see that the spool is attached to the head, and it can’t be moved without separating it from the body, just take off the nuts that hold it. When you change the string, you will screw it back.

Step 3: Find the starter hole in the spool

Cut the new string. It must be near 15-25 feet, depending on the trimmer’s size. It is better to go longer than shorter. To restring a weed whacker, find a small hole inside the spool. Push half of the inch of the string inside.

Step 4: Wind the string

Follow the arrow. It will point out the string direction and how to wind a weed whacker. Move side to side and overlap for the second layer.

Step 5: Align the retainer with the slot on the outside of the head

Once the winding is done, clip it to the notch on your spool. Replace it back to the hub and push ends of the string through the eyelets of your weed whacker.

What should I do if my string will not pull?

If it happens, push the string inside using a different angle. Wiggle it in the circle. If nothing helps, clear the tool with compressed air in the can.

How wide should the string be?

It depends on the model. On average, the most popular size for electric weed whackers is .065, while the gas-powered ones use .080 or .095. Check out yours.

Stringing the Weed Whacker

This instrument is reliable and effective when it comes to cutting the grass. I hope my instructions were helpful to you. If you have problems with the string changing, share them in the comments below. How often do you change it? If you have more recommendations to add, don’t hesitate.

Ronnie Collins

Ronnie Collins

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