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When working with wood, your experience is, of course, the leading factor for successful and efficient results. But your tool is as important as your competence when it comes to performing various household chores or professional work. The same applies to chainsaws, where the bar determines your accuracy and resourcefulness.

Nowadays, there are more than enough chainsaw bars that vary in properties, core material, and durability. The problem occurs when you need to pick one, the best chainsaw bar for your tool. What to consider when choosing it? The size? The coating? Maybe just the thickness? Well, let’s get it started!

Top 6 Best Chainsaw Bars: Professional and Household Work Favorites

Finding a chainsaw bar gets quite confusing when you see all the options the market offers you. Frankly speaking, there are so many of them that it’s hard to say which item does what. However, I’ve combined my personal experience throughout the years to give you a helping hand.

For this, I’ve picked top products that have already proven efficient, handy, and fast for different chainsaw practices. This list of chainsaw bar reviews will help you determine which suits you best based on their positives and negatives. Now, let’s take a look!

Husqvarna 16-Inch Chain Saw Bar — Among the Best Professional Chainsaw Bars

You might be looking for lightweight chainsaw bars to replace your old, hefty bar. Then, this one can be a great fit for your daily yard chores or heavy-duty professional woodwork. Simple and highly functioning, the bar can provide more benefits than it seems at first.

The product is only shy of 1.2 pounds in weight, which is perfect for maneuvering and easy handling. With around 21 inches in length, the bar doesn’t require bending down or coming too close to the processed material. Also, the 0.50-inch thickness is perfect for precise and tedious cutting of wood that is too fragile for thicker bars.

Since the top teeth are widely located from another, the bar provides easy cuts without ripping off or chipping. Moreover, they are useful for reducing the number of splinters and debris. Producing fewer chips than similar models, your workplace doesn’t end up being messy, requiring tiring cleaning afterward.

  • Reduced weight;
  • Sturdy and reliable;
  • Resilient coating;
  • Perfect for accuracy.
  • Hard to grease properly.

Oregon 105671 20-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar — Heavy Duty 20In Guide Bar for Resilience

For better management and a larger scope of woodwork, I advise you to try out this great 20-inch chainsaw bar. As the coating is made for smoothness and resistance, the product isn’t afraid of hardwood or accidentally grinding into a boulder. Isn’t this what everybody is looking for – durability?

The length of the product is a bit elongated, coming to 30 inches. It suits taller people better, though it’s still as handy for those of a shorter height. Comfortable to hold thanks to the balanced weight distribution, it stays firm in your hand no matter how challenging the cutting is. Also, it fits a whole array of chainsaw models, ranging from 024 to 030s. This versatility turns the product into a multi-purpose bar that can be utilized for various uses.

As for greasing, the coating is made to be compatible with different smoothers. Besides this, the body is already embedded with a manufacturing grease. It’s activated at high temperatures to reduce the heat and let the bar go through wood smoother for better performance.

  • Well balanced;
  • Temperature regulation;
  • Fits different chainsaw models;
  • Highly durable.
  • Excessive friction.

STIHL ChainSaw Bar, 25-Inch — Great Option for Replacement Chainsaw Bars

Stihl bars have been a top choice of woodworkers for a long time due to their high-quality material and versatility. Suitable for both professional woodworkers and people who are into maintaining their yard, this bar can prove most useful for your household. Easy to use and low-maintenance, this one is always a good idea.

The bar is made of highly resistant steel that provides a ton of benefits in the long run. First, it’s great for water and dust-resistance. The coating doesn’t get inflicted by corrosion easily, thus it can be kept even in the dampest garage drawer. Second, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Unlike similar products, this one needs greasing only once in a while to smoothen the adherence between the chain and body itself. Finally, the weight and dimensions allow for formidable revolutions. When it comes to compatibility, the item is an adaptable 25 inch chainsaw bar. It goes well with most old and modern chainsaw models.

  • Low-maintenance;
  • Reduced friction and heating;
  • Water-resistance;
  • User-friendly.
  • Pricey.

Forester 16″ Bar & Chain 3/8 Pitch 50 Gauge — Real Adversary of Large Chainsaw Bars

In case you need a more compact option that can perform heavy-duty cuttings, this Forester Bar might be a match. Combining a reduced size and extreme sturdiness, the product can be utilized for various major woodworks. You get two models in one for a reasonable price and a warranty.

If you take the product’s dimensions and compare them to a similar-sized model, you will see how beneficial it is. It’s only 16 inches long, but it has a 0.375-inch pitch gauge to perform deep cuts and deal with hardwood on the spot. The chain is well calibrated and completely adherent when slid onto the bar.

Also, the weight is relatively moderate for a bar of this size. It comes to around 1 pound and feels well-balanced when equipped. The bar itself doesn’t get rusty even if it gets directly into the water or is kept in damp storage. However, it’s advisable to apply grease now and again to sustain the smoothness of this 16-inch chainsaw bar.

  • Corrosion-free;
  • Great adherence;
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work;
  • Compact.
  • Has a limited range of compatible models.

EGO Power 16-Inch Chain Saw Bar for 56-Volt Chainsaw — Best Chainsaw Bar for EGO POWER+

You may be concerned about your bar’s longevity and eager to avoid rapid wear-off products. In this case, take a look at this modified bar for high revolution chainsaws. The item is acclaimed as one of the best replacement chainsaw bars for durability.

The bar is meant for specific EGO POWER+ models since it’s produced by the same manufacturer, following the most optimal chainsaw requirements for the saw. It has the same size indexes as a regular chainsaw bar with 16 inches in length and around 2.2 inches in width. These dimensions help keep the bar among the most compact replacements, offering comfort, longevity, and safety.

The sprocket is intentionally narrowed down to ensure a firm clench between the bar and the saw. As for longevity, the bar can last longer than similar items because both of its sides are meant for cutting. To reduce the heat and friction, simply flip the saw over and continue cutting peacefully. Also, it doesn’t require any excessive greasing since the coating is smooth and polished.

  • Perfect for EGO POWER+ models;
  • Highly durable;
  • Flippable;
  • Low-maintenance.
  • May produce smoke.

Oregon PowerSharp Bar-Mount Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Kit, 14″ — Among the Most Lightweight Chainsaw Bars

For those who are in search of more than just a bar, you can always acquire a whole kit. The package provides you with a bar, a chain, and also with a handy wet stone. All of these items ensure a comfortable, careless use to get your work done without distraction.

The bar is made of steel that keeps the body firm and steady at any speed. It’s shorter than large chainsaw bars but it does lack efficiency. Contrastingly, the bar can withstand accelerated revolutions without gaining excessive heat or losing the grease. It helps maneuver the handle more easily, finding the perfect spot for grading through the wood.

As for the sharpener, it comes in handy when your saw loses the cutting grip. Simply place the cap on top of the chain and let it run through a few times. It generally takes around 3 minutes to restore your chainsaw’s sharpness. Useful, right?

  • Comes with a nice sharpener;
  • Safe and sturdy;
  • Low grease maintenance;
  • Water-proof.
  • Not suitable for hardwood.

Buyer’s Guide

EGO PowerPicking professional chainsaw bars is like shopping for Christmas – you should always know what you’re looking for. To have a better perspective on how bars work and how to use them efficiently, it’s essential to know the basics. Now, let’s dig deeper and see what all those different characteristics mean.

Weight and length

The weight and length of a product determine a lot of functions and use peculiarities. When picked correctly, they guarantee a comfortable grip and effortless application. However, if you buy a product which weight or length doesn’t go well with your needs, there can be a problem.

Normally, the lighter the product, the better it is for dealing with softwood and feeble wood. On the other hand, when a bar is hefty, it’s meant for heavy-duty cutting. Lightweight bars range from 1 to 8 pounds in weight, whereas the heavier ones can easily exceed 10 pounds for a single bar.

It also applies to the length of a bar. The longer a chainsaw bar is, the tougher is the wood it can process. For instance, if you’re intended to do a large scope of work with, e.g., oakwood, it’s a good idea to equip a heavy-duty 20in guide bar or a similar option.

Type, purpose, and gear

There are not so many different types of bars, but they still differ in the way they are used and the performance to expect. Solid bars are very common for dealing with hardwood, limber, etc. without corrosion or scuffing. On the other hand, laminated products are great for softer kinds of wood. They are more accurate though they have reduced capacity.

Normally, modern bars are versatile and can be a fit for various gear. Whether it’s a battery-power utility or a manual one, they perform well when with both solid and laminated bars. However, it’s essential to comply with a bar’s model and size requirements.

How to pick the best chainsaw bar?

Decide on the length. Acquire shorter, 12-14-inch bars for local, more accuracy-demanding work. Whereas, use a 22-36-inch product for professional, large-scale processing and so on.

Determine the purpose. Think of the species of wood you might need a bar for. Remember, the harder, the longer.

Turn to your gear. Before purchasing a chainsaw bar, it’s a must to ensure proper compliance between your chainsaw and the product. Make sure it’s not wobbly or loose when equipped.

Read reviews. Though manufacturers can guarantee the versatility of their product, it’s still advisable to rely on other people’s experience to avoid rip-offs.

See the Devil in the details. If you notice that a manufacturer provides a warranty, then they are likely to be trustworthy and sure of their product.


Husqvarna 531300436Now, let’s see what else we should know about chainsaw bars.

When to replace a chainsaw bar?

The most alarming thing about a wearing-off bar is bluntness. If you can’t sharpen it properly anymore, then it’s time to find a replacement.

How big of a bar can I put on my chainsaw?

Your bar’s capacity should depend on the power of your chainsaw. The stronger chainsaws can operate longer bars. But remember, you rarely need the longest chainsaw bar there is. Normally, the shorter ones can be more efficient when used locally.

How to determine chainsaw bar length?

The length is measured by taking the space between the teeth tip and the base of the handle.

Who makes the best chainsaw bar?

There are lots of good manufacturers whose products are highly valued, for example, Husqvarna, EGO, Forester, Oregon, etc. While comparing a Forester vs Oregon bar, you might want to consider the models they comply with and the grease coating to find the perfect one for you.

What’s the Best Chainsaw Bar if Not the One That Works?


It’s a known fact that a good chainsaw bar is half the success of the chainsaw’s performance. If chosen correctly, it can guarantee longevity, accuracy, and ease of use, no matter how hard your cutting is. But the choice often depends on several factors and characteristics worth taking into account.

Anyway, I hope this article has come in handy by opening a new perspective on good-old chainsaw bars. What kind of bar are you likely to buy? Do you see any difference in solid and laminated bar performances? Comment down below!

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