Best Chainsaw Oil – Why You Need to Oil Your Saw Regularly

Chainsaw’s performance highly depends on the upkeep practices that you undertake. Implying that, to have a long-lasting saw, you must follow the right maintenance procedure. One of the best practices is oiling. People use motor oil for chainsaw lubrication, but the product has its share of downsides.

A good majority of those using motor oil for chainsaw lubrication do not understand the difference between chainsaw oil and motor oil. That’s why I have prepared this article to enable you to learn the differences. Without further ado, the main difference between the two products has to do with viscosity. You need a highly viscous lubricant, and in this case, motor oil isn’t the best product to use.

My Choice
Husqvarna X-Guard Premium All Season Bar & Chain Oil, 1 Gallon, grey (593272002)
Premium Choice
Poulan Pro 952030204 Bar and Chain Oil- 1 Gallon
Budget Choice
Stihl 0781 516 5003 Platinum Bar And Chain Lubricant, 1 Quart
The oil greatly minimizes heat as you use your chainsaw
This product is suitable for those involved in logging industries
The item contains highly refined oils for optimal lubrication
Premium Choice
Poulan Pro 952030204 Bar and Chain Oil- 1 Gallon
This product is suitable for those involved in logging industries
Budget Choice
Stihl 0781 516 5003 Platinum Bar And Chain Lubricant, 1 Quart
The item contains highly refined oils for optimal lubrication

Additionally, you will find yourself using a chainsaw in many settings and during different weather conditions. For instance, motor oil, which is used when the weather is hot, will drip. However, a highly viscous lubricant will adhere to the surface, even during the warm weather, thus keeping your chainsaw protected all the time. Those two are the main reasons why you need to use chainsaw oil instead of motor oil.

Now, another challenge comes in. It involves picking the ideal chainsaw oil. Not every oil is perfect when it comes to viscosity and quality, meaning you need expert advice to select the ideal product. Fortunately, the upcoming section contains chainsaw oil reviews to enable you to make a non-regrettable purchase decision with ease.

Top 6 Best Chainsaw Oils

Make your chainsaw last a lifetime with the help of the upcoming chainsaw oils. Remove any discoloration and improve your chainsaw performance to unimaginable levels. The products under review are arranged in order of popularity, to ensure you spend the shortest time possible to pick your ideal tool.

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium


If your previous chainsaw oil wasn’t good enough to use throughout the year, the product under review might be your ideal option. However, note that you might have to pay a bit more for this extra feature. If you are wondering why you have to pay slightly more to get the product, the reason is that this is an all-season chainsaw oil.

It consists of perfectly blended adhesives and oils to keep the product flowing during the cold weather. A common problem with some chainsaw oils is poor adhesive properties, which causes dripping when you run your machine at high speeds or use the chainsaw in hot weather. However, this product is an exception, in the way that it perfectly adheres to the surface for optimal protection.

Its use leads to improved cutting performance and enhanced durability as a result of friction reduction. The item also keeps your machine’s internal parts safe from damage when you use it regularly. Regular use will also end up saving your time and energy as you work on huge loads.

It also saves your overall costs because maintenance is cheaper as compared to part replacement. Its tacky nature ensures minimal throw-off when using the tool, which reduces wastage by ensuring the little amount of the product you apply is optimally used. So, keep your chainsaw in the best state ever anytime you use this premium all-season oil.

  • The item offers optimal machine performance
  • It is available on the market
  • The oil greatly minimizes heat as you use your chainsaw
  • It reduces friction, which highly enhances durability
  • The packaging makes it hard to use



This product`s ratings portray total customer satisfaction. I can also assure you that this chainsaw oil is an exception, especially when it comes to quality and effectiveness. Its price is moderate since the quantity that’s conveyed is a 1 gallon. The packaging is perfectly done, to ensure there is no spillage during transportation and as you store it.

The process of use is also swift and straightforward, which makes it a time-saving option. Additionally, its quality will leave you completely satisfied, and the service you get will keep your saw performing perfectly for a long time. It is viscous enough to keep the chainsaw safe, even as you use it during the hot weather.

The oil won’t drip easily, and this keeps your chainsaw functional for long. Ideal lubrication reduces friction and heat, which ends up improving your machine’s performance. It also enhances durability, making the chainsaw remain useful for long. Finally, the inclusion of viscosity modifiers ensures your chainsaw gets consistent lubrication as you use it.

Once you lubricate your chainsaw, you will enjoy up to 2 hours of consistent cutting without your machine getting dry. Its heat and friction reduction also plays a vital role in ensuring your machine remains silent throughout the cutting period.

Its price is the perfect example of a product worth the investment, and I can assure you the item will work wonders for you. You won’t regret spending your money on this chainsaw oil.

  • The product has viscosity modifiers to keep it effective for long
  • It is worth the price
  • High-quality
  • It is stress-free to apply
  • The oil is slightly costly, but this is due to its high quality

Poulan Pro 952030204


Most chainsaw oils are suitable for specific saws, but here’s a versatile universal product that suits all chainsaws. It bolsters your chainsaw’s performance in a way you have never experienced before. Its features are also exceptional, which enables you to take care of your chainsaw in the best way possible.

Its ability to withstand high temperatures without dripping ensures superior chainsaw protection from friction. Any time you use the oil, you will get an optimally performing machine throughout your cutting process. That said, the oil’s ability to reduce friction, which easily causes wear, means extra care, and provides you with an opportunity to use your favorite cutting tool for a lifetime.

Additionally, oiling is an ideal means of preventing rusting, which enhances your machine’s durability. Away from that, the product’s ability to keep your saw lubricated ensures a smooth cutting experience, which has a positive impact on your overall performance. With this item, you insert minimal pressure and yield the desired results.

Additionally, the process is faster and, therefore, time-saving. As earlier noted, the product’s main feature is its versatility, meaning you won’t end up purchasing other chainsaw oils if you own different models. As for the item’s downsides, it is a bit pricey in the way it is suitable for commercial use or those working in logging industries.

All in all, the oil is worth the price, and I can assure you there are no regrets upon product purchase. Finally, the oil is tacky, and this might leave you wondering if it will flow ideally during the cold weather. Well, having used the item in different settings, I can assure you that it is unique as it flows freely during the cold weather, and it doesn’t drip when it gets hot.

  • The oil is suitable for all chainsaws
  • Free flow during the cold weather
  • This product is suitable for those involved in logging industries
  • It bolsters performance
  • This oil is slightly pricey

Makita 181116-A Oil for Electric Chainsaw


Are you looking for a low-cost chainsaw oil that delivers premium results? Well, the product under review is among the top choices that you ought to consider. The chainsaw oil is highly effective, meaning your cutting performance gets a natural boost, and the chainsaw`s durability is enhanced significantly.

You might be wondering how such an affordable chainsaw oil can keep your saw strong, and here’s the reason behind it. The oil enables your cutting tool to overcome load and temperature challenges, thus enhancing its resilience.

Additionally, most chainsaws overheat as a result of cutting, but this oil reduces friction. It can result in machine wear, when not ideally dealt with. It also cools the engine down for optimal performance. Your machine’s efficacy is also boosted. This is in the account of the oil working perfectly to protect the chainsaw’s interior and outside components.

It is suitable for use in logging industries or homes, all in the account of its price affordability. Besides that, it is accessible in 2 sizes, to help you pick the right quantity of a product with ease. In terms of versatility, the product is suitable for Makita chainsaws – both gas and electric-powered saws. The oil is improved to suit the use during the warm weather.

Like most products under review, the product won’t drip as a result of a rise in temperature. However, this isn’t an all-season oil since it doesn’t flow easily during the cold temperature. So, if you need to use a chainsaw oil during the cold climate, make sure to consider other options.

  • The product is easily accessible
  • It suits use during the warm weather
  • The item is highly effective
  • It is available in variable quantities
  • The oil is not suitable for use in cold region
  • It is only suitable for Makita chainsaws

Stihl 0781 516 5003 Platinum Bar And Chain Lubricant



The product’s quality makes it a great option, especially when it comes to the constituents used. By this, I mean the highly refined oils, which provide optimal lubrication. This also makes the chainsaw oil ideal for extensive cutting, as it suits high-speed chainsaws perfectly.

That said, regular oiling is essential when it comes to rust protection. So, why don’t you settle on a product that offers optimal protection for you to stop worrying whether you followed the right oiling procedure every few minutes? Apply this chainsaw oil and rest assured of the optimal cutting performance anytime you use your tool.

That said, this chainsaw oil is tacky to minimize dripping. However, even in the rare case of dripping, the product will keep your timber or firewood in a good state, as it won’t lead to biodegradation. All in all, purchase this chainsaw oil if you are looking for premium quality and a product that protects your machine from corrosion.

Bear in mind that the item contains premium hydraulic stability; it is highly viscous and features high boiling rates, which is the case with its freezing points. These properties put the oil among the best chainsaw lubricants on the market.

Additionally, the inclusion of synthetic materials means that you have a product that won’t end up harming your wood. There are zero spillage problems, so you don’t have to worry about your working environment. Finally, there are no health concerns when using the product.

  • You don’t have to worry about the health issues while using this product
  • It causes no harm to your woods
  • The item contains highly refined oils for optimal lubrication
  • It is highly viscous
  • The quantity is small

HUSQVARNA FOREST & GARDEN 610000161 – the Best Bar Oil for Chainsaw

Husqvarna company is popular for delivering premium-quality chainsaws, and their work on accessories is no exception. They have ensured that your cutting tool remains in great condition for the longest time possible. However, bear in mind that premium-quality products come at a price, and that’s the reason behind the oil’s slightly high cost.

All in all, after having used the oil for quite a while, I can assure you it is definitely worth the cost. That said, note that the product’s main strong point is its highly viscous nature. It is an exception when compared to other chainsaw oils, as it won’t drip even when you use it in hot weather. It remains viscous to protect and lubricate your saw.

So, count it among the products that suit all-weather use. Besides that, the oil’s high viscosity comes at a huge advantage when it comes to boosting machine performance. Its ability to adhere to the surface during the warm weather means optimal performance since the bar and chain are ideally lubricated.

That said, providing full-time protection against heat and friction improves your chain’s durability, meaning you now get a chance to use your favorite tool for long. The delivered quantity, 1 gallon, is enough to use for months without the need to buy another chainsaw oil. Again, its tackiness ensures you use only small proportions to keep your machine protected all day long.

Besides that, this premium-quality lubricant and chain saw protector is ideal for all Husqvarna chainsaws. It is also perfect to use on your cordless chainsaw, without posing any leakage problem. Finally, the packaging is perfect, meaning your chainsaw oil doesn’t leak during transportation. It is simply a choice worth the cost and a product that will last beyond expectations.

  • The product is highly viscous
  • It is ideal for all Husqvarna chainsaws
  • The oil is suitable for use irrespective of the weather situation
  • It is highly effective
  • This item is worth the price
  • This chainsaw oil is slightly expensive

No products found.

Essential Considerations Before Purchasing Chainsaw Oils

The main reason behind chainsaw oil purchase is increasing your machine’s performance through minimization of friction. Besides that, the best chainsaw oil keeps your tool protected from rust and tear, which has a positive impact on the item’s durability.

However, not all products will work ideally in bringing the best out of your chainsaw. For this reason, I have prepared this section to enable you to learn the essential features of ideal chainsaw oil. These will ease your chainsaw oil selection process and enable you to achieve a non-regrettable purchase choice.


When you purchase a tacky or viscous chainsaw oil, the chances that the product will keep your chainsaw lubricated for long are high. This, in return, ensures a smooth cutting process, which is why you should consider the oil’s viscosity before purchasing one.

Additionally, optimal lubrication reduces friction, which, when not perfectly reduced, causes wear and slows the speed of performance. Finally, checking the product’s viscosity before purchase enables you to get chainsaw oil that doesn’t drip even when you use it in hot weather.

Oil’s Cleansing Ability

After using your tool, you shouldn’t clean it with water, as this would cause rusting. Instead, use the best cleansing oil and keep your tool safe from corrosion. But, does this mean that you need to buy two chainsaw oils to serve the lubricating and cleaning purposes?

Well, that’s not the case, as having a multi-functional product will save you a fortune. Check whether the chainsaw oil has a high resistant membrane, as this is the main property of an ideal metal cleaner. Such a product will keep the surfaces in the best shape, with zero cases of damage.

Your Chainsaw Speed

Some chainsaw oils drip when the saw is running at high speeds. Therefore, high-speed saws will remain unprotected anytime you use less viscous oils, which results in undesired cutting performance and low durability.

Additionally, a failure to buy an oil that protects your chainsaw when using it at the highest speed means that your saw will not attain its optimal performance due to friction. Finally, remember the product keeps the saw cool, especially when running at high speeds, meaning you need the best oil for such cases.


After going through the purchase guide, I find it important to cover at least two commonly asked queries when it comes to chainsaw oils.

Can you add chainsaw oil when the machine is running?

Well, it is unsafe to add chainsaw oil when your machine is running because, as the saw runs, it becomes hot. Now, handling the heated surface causes some problems.

What’s the best oil amount to use during every operation?

In fact, all the information is included in the instruction manual, and a detailed explanation is provided there. Always use the provided amount of the product for optimal performance.

Wrap Up

As I wind up my top 6 chainsaw oil reviews, I hope you have found the analysis helpful. Pick an item from the provided list and rest assured of a non-regrettable purchase. However, do not forget to use only the chainsaw oil that suits your needs best. Bear in mind that motor oil is less viscous, and this means that it won’t keep your tool perfectly protected.

Away from that, ensure you go through the important consideration features before making your purchase. It is also essential to consider your budget and not to overpay for substandard goods. So, make good use of these tips and ensure you have an ideally running chainsaw.

Finally, the provided items will ease your selection process, but the purchase guide will ensure you are always protected from regrettable purchases. Always use the proper amount. Go through the instructions to know the right quantity of the oil to apply and the needed frequency of the procedure. Ensure you maintain safety and add the oil only when your machine cools.

That said, are you still finding it hard to choose an item that fits under your budget from the list given above? Use the provided chainsaw oil purchase tips and rest assured of a non-regrettable purchase. In case you have any additional questions, comment in the section below and I will be glad to help you out!

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