How to Use a Jigsaw? – Tips and Tricks

This article contains helpful advice on how to use a jigsaw in the workshop. Since it is one of the widest spread and most used instruments for every woodworker, learning how to use a jigsaw to cut curves may be vital. A jigsaw is a universal tool that cuts not only wood but metal, PVC, and laminate.

How to Use a Jigsaw?
There are many jigsaw tools used. A jigsaw is a great tool for cutting curved or irregularly shaped pieces of wood, plastic, or metal. Here are some jigsaw tips and tricks that you might find useful: – To make straight cuts, use a guide rail or clamps to hold the workpiece in place. – For the best results, use a blade designed for the material you’re cutting. – When cutting curves, go slowly and guide the blade with your fingers. – To avoid splintering or chipping the workpiece, use a slower speed and apply gentle pressure.

Almost all users admit that cutting curves in wood with a jigsaw is extremely easy and comfortable. However, to do this, you need to learn a few simple rules, use the most suitable blade, and know the specifics of the material you work with. Don’t forget about jigsaw safety rules during the performance.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ


The jigsaw is the instrument we use as often as a drill and screwdriver. So, if you need to pick a power saw, you may easily go for this tool. To make this instrument even more helpful, read this simple jigsaw guide.

What is a jigsaw?

Before we learn what is a jigsaw used for, let’s start with an understanding of the tool. Jigsaw belongs to the SGS range of products. It is a potent tool that cuts metal, wood, and plastic. It has a reciprocating blade, with push-and-pull repetitive motions. The instrument requires electricity for its work. You will learn how to use it in no time. The cuts may be angled and curved, which is hard to achieve with other types of saws.

Safety measures: Using a jigsaw safely

using a jigsaw

Any power instrument requires your total attention and knowledge of safety rules. Without them, you may cut your hands, and harm your eyes and other parts of the body. Even though using a jigsaw to cut wood is easier than using the miter saw, for example, you still need to be careful. Here are the basics:

  • Cover your eyes while working with a jigsaw. It makes lots of dust when you are cutting the wood. It is recommended to wear goggles and a mask;
  • Keep the cord far from the blade. Trying to make proper cuts with this tool, don’t forget that the cord is under power. Keep watching your feet if the cord is long;
  • Keep your hands far from the blade. Don’t try to fix it while it is plugged in. The blade in this instrument is exposed, and you may get hurt the minute you get distracted;
  • The blade must always be sharp and fixed carefully. Don’t start the work before you check this.

How to use a jigsaw?

Now, let’s find out how to use a jigsaw properly. To do this, you need additional instruments close to you:

  • Additional blades;
  • Goggles and a mask;
  • Workbench, specific table, or sawhorse;
  • Clamps;
  • Tape measure, template, pencil, or any other measuring tools for clear and straight cuts.

Start with mounting the right blade in the jigsaw. Choose it based on the material you are going to cut. After that, take away everything from the workbench, mark the cut line, and make sure it is fixed securely. Now, choose the right setting in a jigsaw. Put on your goggles and mask, and make a cut.

How to cut a circle in wood with a jigsaw?

You may need a cardboard model to draw the circle on the wood. However, you can do it manually or with a measuring tape. Find the most beneficial place to start and drill the hole to insert the blade of a jigsaw there. Now move smoothly by the line of the circle.

How to cut straight with a jigsaw?

You may use the wide blade for straighter cuts. If you require extra help, you may use a laser or LED light to remove any possible shadows. Although the use of a jigsaw is simple, I recommend practicing making straight lines if you are completely new to this instrument.

Best Advice

I believe that the best advice about using the jigsaw is lots of practice. Only with repetitive motion, you will become a professional. A jigsaw is a helpful and must-have tool for anyone who is interested in woodworking. If you have more recommendations to share, do this in the comments.

Ronnie Collins

Ronnie Collins

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