Best 8 Inch Table Saw Blade for Accurate Cuts

Best 8 Inch Table Saw Blade for Amateurs and Experts

Have you ever been passionate about something in your life? I have always dreamt of woodworking since my childhood years. My name is Ronnie Collins. My passion for gardening and woodworking led me to get an MS degree in Botany from the University of Maryland. After completing my education, I have worked with a gardening company. As a result, I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills in using gardening tools such as table saws, blades, lawnmowers, and others. 

I have realized that a table saw blade is a very critical tool for anyone who wishes to do woodworking efficiently. This tool determines the smoothness, texture, and shape of the designs that you cut. Therefore, you must select the best 8 inch table saw blade for your machine. 

However, selecting this tool online may be very challenging because there are many blades out there, and in each of them, you will mostly find only the benefits of owning one. Only a few people care about informing you of all the features of the blade, the materials it can cut, its benefits, and limitations. As a result, I have decided to develop a list of five 8-inch miter saw blades. I will discuss each of them in deep detail so that you may see how the product works.

8 Inch Miter Saw Blade Reviews for Five Best Tools

In this section, I will discuss the features of the best miter blades to guide you in buying a tool that will provide solutions for all your needs.

1. DEWALT DW7670 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set- Best 8 Inch Miter Saw Blade 

If you have always been a fan of tough tools, you may already know the DEWALT brand. The company has unique capabilities of creating tools that last for a lifetime. Going by the fame of the greatest company in making unique products, you can expect that this blade will not disappoint. 

The product weighs 9.08 pounds, measures 15 by 3.2 by 12.5 inches, and has twenty-four teeth that can cut through the wood at seven thousand revolutions per minute. It can cut through several materials that include plywood, softwood, hardwood, and melamine. Therefore, it is an efficient tool for anyone who is in the woodworking business.

First, it has a heavy-gauge plate that has been laser-cut to enable it to cut shapes efficiently. The laser-cut will also come in handy in ensuring that all your cuts are accurate. Therefore, when using it, you can expect to experience minimal wastage. If you are a business owner, this counts because even minimal wastage may have an impact on your profits.

The 8 inch table saw blade has carbide teeth that also contribute to the efficiency of the tool. The teeth minimize splintering by cutting through an object with a high rate of accuracy. If you are working in your garage with this blade, you may, therefore, not need to worry about small sharp pieces of wood that could cause accidents lying everywhere. 

The blade lasts long because of two major reasons. The shims are made of stainless steel, which is known for its ability to resist corrosion. The tool also comes with a heavy-duty case that is used to store it when not in use. The case protects the blade’s teeth from getting damaged, and it maintains the sharpness of the teeth by protecting them from moisture.

  • It is made of durable stainless steel.;
  • It has sharp teeth that minimize splintering;
  • It has a protecting case for storage.
  • It is quite expensive.

DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set
  • Heavy gauge, laser cut plates provide true, accurate cuts
  • Micro-grain carbide teeth deliver clean cuts and reduce splintering
  • 4-tooth chippers give smooth, flat bottom cuts
  • Stainless steel shims allow for ultra-fine width adjustments
  • Heavy duty storage case protects blades against chipped teeth and damage

2. Oshlun SDS-0842- 8” Table Saw Blade 

Oshlun is also a big brand that specializes in making a table saw blades for various machines. The brand has a wide selection of unique blades, and this SDS-0842 is one of them. It has forty-two Dado teeth, six chipper teeth, and a 5/8-inch arbor. These parts coupled with 10.5*9.9*3 inches dimensions complement each other in enabling the item to produce the best cuts. 

The C-4 micro grains are also a plus for this gadget. They enable it to be able to cut through both hard and softwood and plywood as well. With the ability to cut through these types of wood, the blade is therefore great for anyone who is into woodcarving, whether as a hobby or for business purposes. It is also great for those who are into DIY because it can help in making great finishes at home.

The gadget’s teeth have a high precision rate, and they cut through wood smoothly, leaving no rough patches that would require a second round of cutting. These teeth also experience low vibration rates while on the job. I love them for this because I think it is annoying to use blades that vibrate. They make you overstay on one project, and they cause a lot of wastage. Note that the blades can make a wide range of cuts; they can cut wood starting from ¼ to 29/32 inches. 

The blade is easy to use. Once you install it on your table saw, you can start using it immediately. It leaves score marks on the outer parts of wood to prevent it from splintering and causing a mess all over your workplace. 

  • It is good for cutting all types of wood;
  • It has cheaper teeth and shims that increase its precision rate;
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It does not cut other materials other than wood.

Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch 42 Tooth Stack Dado Set with 5/8-Inch Arbor
  • Professional grade C-4 carbide
  • Full body chippers
  • Precision ground carbide tips
  • Storage/Carrying Case
  • Shim set for fine adjustments

3. Hitachi 998862 60-Teeth- Best 8” Miter Saw Blade 

If you are looking for the most affordable 8 Inch Miter Saw Blade, then you should pay attention to Hitachi. It has tungsten carbide teeth that can survive years of too much pressure without getting damaged. The teeth are also designed, and they are heavy-duty, hence the reason why they last for so long.

The gadget is efficient for cutting through all major types of wood. It can be used to make laminates, moldings, and cabinets, among other things. Therefore, you can achieve very many goals using this 8” miter saw blade on your table saw. 

Unlike the other two gadgets, Hitachi has 60 teeth. The arbor is, however, similar to most of the other blades as it is 5.8 inches. The numerous teeth on the blade contribute to its efficiency in cutting. You cannot go wrong with your design when using these sharp carbide teeth, no matter the hardness of the wood. Plus, the product`s dimensions of 11*9.6*0.4 inches make it sizable, hence most people can operate the machine.

Hitachi has developed this blade using its rigorous research and development process. Since the company has already made huge achievements by being the best in producing various tools using this process, it goes without saying that this tool will fulfill your expectations. 

  • The blade has been precisely balanced with a view of increasing its stability while in use;
  • It is a 60-teeth blade, which improves its efficiency during operation;
  • It contains tungsten carbide teeth that are highly durable and easier to sharpen.
  • Some customers consider it premium-priced.

Hitachi 998862 60-Teeth Tungsten Carbide Tipped 8-1/2-Inch ATB 5/8-Inch Arbor Finish Saw Blade
  • Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. Same great tools, with only a new name.
  • 8-1/2-inch ATB saw blade with 60-teeth, 5/8-inch arbor and a .087-inch kerf width
  • Ideal for cross-cutting all woods with a clean, ultra-fine finish
  • Tungsten carbide tipped teeth withstand years of repeated use and outlasts traditional blades
  • Delivers smooth rapid cuts

4. Freud 8” x 40T Thin Kerf Combination Blade – 8″ Miter Saw Blade

Freud is yet another best 8” table saw blade. It is both an efficient cutter and an energy-efficient tool. It has thin kerfs that require a minimal amount of power to run. Therefore, if you are into saving electricity, you may consider this blade that may save you from exorbitant electricity bills.

For starters, it weighs only one pound, making it one of the lightest blades that you can ever use in a table saw. It has the dimensions of a cube; each side measures one inch. For efficiency purposes, this blade should be used only on chipboards, hardwood, and softwood. If used for cutting other materials, it can tear and wear out fast. 

It has a Perma shield non-stick coating. The coat helps in preventing the blade from corroding. Therefore, it can stay for quite a long time without experiencing rusts that may eventually lead to permanent wear and tear when not prevented early. It also protects the pitch from building up on the blade. The build-up of pitch prevents the blades from cutting through your material precisely. 

The tool also has anti-vibration slots. These slots prevent the blade from vibrating and making other movements when you are working on a piece of wood. They also help in preventing the blade from causing splinters that lead to wastage and losses. 

The blade is unique in that it has a set of teeth, with each being capable of performing various things. It has a flat tooth that is used for ripping, gullets for clearing, and bevel teeth for cross-cutting. Therefore, you can see that the manufacturer had the needs of consumers in mind when making this blade. With special teeth that can perform different functions efficiently, there is no shape that you cannot acquire when using it. 

  • It is very light;
  • Affordable;
  • Compact;
  • It has high precision because of flexible teeth.
  • It is used only for cutting wood.

Freud 8" x 40T Thin Kerf Combination Blade (LU83R008)
  • Premium TiCo HI-Density Carbide Combination Blend for Maximum Performance
  • Thin Kerf requires less power and allows for faster feed rate
  • Laser-Cut Anti-Vibration Slots drastically reduce vibration and sideways movement in the cut extending blade life and giving a crisp, splinter-free flawless finish
  • Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating reduces blade drag, protects the blade from corrosion and pitch build-up.

5. DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw Blade – 8-inch Miter Saw Blade

Dewalt also makes an affordable 8” table saw blade for consumers who cannot afford expensive tools. Even if you can afford them, starting with a cheap blade may be a good starting point so that you can gain experience and be able to select a premium tool later. 

Despite being cheap, the blade has similar capabilities with those of the premium blades. It has thin kerfs that help in making precise cuts. You can work with a small piece of material and achieve your goal because the kerfs will save your wood from getting wasted. 

It also has carbide teeth that last for a long time when taken care of well. The teeth are also sharp, and they are designed to make clean and smooth cuts. The teeth, together with the body slots, help to prevent vibration and enable you to make a hundred percent clear cuts. The tool is efficient for cutting wood only. It is a light machine weighing only 9.1 ounces with the dimensions of 9.8*0.5*10.6 inches.

  • It is light.;
  • Affordable;
  • Durable.
  • It cannot be used for heavy-duty jobs.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 8-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Blade, 36-Tooth (DWAFV3836)
  • Submicron grade carbide teeth for long life
  • Patented body slot design for smooth cuts
  • Thin kerf design for smooth, efficient cuts

Buying the Table Saw Blade

An important concept to remember while buying your blade is that your table saw and its real value in terms of functionality is equal to the blade attached. The blade determines the types of cuts you make on your wood, including how accurate they will be. 

Another guiding factor when shopping for your blade is that it should be the right fit to cut the material it is intended to cut. This implies that the decision on what blade to buy should be influenced by the kind of work you expect it to perform. Therefore, this makes the idea of shopping for such equipment online very challenging unless you have the right information. 

Based on this and other online 8 inch table saw blade reviews, it is evident that certain attributes are consistent in determining a suitable blade for your projects. Among these factors is the blade size or diameter, which determines the depth of the cut that the blade is capable of making. For example, an 8-inch blade can cut up to 2 inches. 

The material used in making the blade is equally important as it influences both its strength and durability. The maximum speed of blade rotation per minute is equally critical as it determines how efficient it will be while working with it. Based on these factors, we have reviewed some of the best table saw blades to buy. Therefore, from these reviews, which of the blades would you consider purchasing? What features do you mainly look for in a saw blade?

  1. Good to see a Dewalt Flexvolt 8″ table saw blade here. It’s a decent blade, especially if used with native Flexvolt 60V Max table. Though I use it mostly for ripping, it works well with crosscuts. But it’s only for home use because it’s thin and lightweight.

  2. It’s good to see Hitachi 8″ miter saw blade here. I was never disappointed with its performance, the only thing which makes me mad is its high price. I’m looking for a similar one but cheaper, any ideas?

    • Reply
      Ronnie Collins 23.12.2019 at 12:07

      Hi, Jackie. Hitachi produces high-quality blades but if you’re looking for something cheaper then I would recommend Dewalt Flexvolt saws. It’s made from steel and each saw has anti-vibration design. I was using these mainly for ripping maple. There’s another cheaper option with Oshlun SDS blades, but they aren’t sold separately and come in packs as far as I know.

  3. Nice review as always, Ronnie. I would say that Hitachi 8″ miter saw blade shouldn’t be considered as a premium-priced saw. I agree that its balanced and has shard durable teeth, but isn’t that a typical saw blade should have? Anyway, I find it very useful in carpentry or cabinet work, so if you have the same field of work, then it’s for you.

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