Best Small Electric Chainsaw Brands to Purchase

Cutting tasks can be a bit tedious at times. You need a tool that can help you work faster while ensuring you obtain the best results. That is where chainsaws come in. There are many chainsaw brands on the market. Manufacturers have always adjusted their products to meet the emerging needs of the users.

Small electric chainsaws have become popular for smaller and less intense work due to various reasons. In particular, unlike gas-powered saws, electric ones are easy to start, less noisy, and light to hold. They have better ergonomics handling and don’t produce toxic emissions.

Besides, there are electric chainsaws that you connect to a source of power and continue with the cutting task you have. You also have the alternative of purchasing the rechargeable battery-powered ones.

Many people often ask, “where can I get the best small electric chainsaw? There are many brands you find in the market. However, selecting the one that meets your specifications can be hard. That is where I come in. I am Ronnie Collins, a Botany degree holder from the University of Maryland, and I have vast experience in this field as I have used several brands and understand how they operate.

When choosing an electric saw, you should think about a sharpener for a chainsaw. Since over time, the purpose of the chainsaw tends to become dull.

Moreover, I have done adequate research on the needs people have regarding small chainsaws. Therefore, I am in a position to give you exactly what you need when it comes to chainsaws.

The Best Brands of Small Electric Chainsaws

Have you been looking for the best electric chainsaw for cutting down small trees, and you are confused as to the brand that can work perfectly in your situation? You are in the right place. I have compiled a list of the best brands for the users. Apart from giving their characteristics, the pros and cons are also listed so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. The brands below are the ones you can trust.

1. Makita XCU03PT1 – Best 14-inch Electric Chainsaw

If you purchase Makita XCU03PT1, you can be sure that you have one of the best chainsaws in the market. What are the features that make this brand stand out when compared to the others? Its gas-powered engine is rated 32cc. Therefore, you can be sure of completing your trimming task without being interrupted.

Even though its 14” long bar is considered the smallest among the brands available in the market, it still works perfectly. The chainsaw has adequate power and offers comfort to the users. Therefore, it is a brand you cannot regret purchasing.

How does the product design make it good for you? First, it is light. Due to that, you can comfortably use it for a long time without getting tired in the middle of your work. Moreover, its small size ensures that you can comfortably grasp it as you work through the limbs and branches.

Does it have any safety features? There is an instant brake system with safety buttons that are meant to ensure that you do not engage the chainsaw accidentally. If your family members come to your workshop, they will always be safe in case they accidentally handle the chainsaw, even if they don’t know how to operate it. You can also handle the chainsaw comfortably and confidently and do your job safely.

The manufacturers are confident about the effectiveness of this machine. Therefore, the buyers are given a 3-year warranty. In case you notice any flaws within the warranty period, the manufacturers can replace the product for you. That means you are not at risk of losing your money when you purchase the product of this brand. It is among the best in the market.

  • Powerful;
  • Tool-less chain adjustments;
  • Electric brake;
  • Low noise;
  • Many safety features.
  • Battery life reduces with time.

2. Greenworks 20362 – 10-inch Electric Chainsaw for Cutting down Small Tree

Are you looking for a chainsaw that you can use in both outdoor and indoor settings? GreenWorks is the brand that offers that convenience to its users. When you purchase the tool, you get a 2AH battery accompanied by an effective charger. The battery retains its power for a long time, which means you do not need to stop in the middle of your work to recharge it.

The bar and chain are 10” that ensures the chainsaw can effectively cut any branch or limb within your environment. If you purchase the product, cutting these limbs can become an easy task for you. Its cutting performance is unrivaled when compared to other brands. Moreover, people love this chainsaw because it is eco-friendly.

The chain tensioning is perfect. It can be easily adjusted to meet your specifications. With that, you can easily accomplish the task you have without any complaints.

The chainsaw has an automatic oiler that ensures the longevity of the product. If you purchase this tool, you can use it for a long time and save money in the long run. Moreover, you won’t have to waste your time searching for another one.

The oil tank is translucent. This enables you to observe the oil level and add if there is a need to do so. Purchasing this chainsaw is a decision that you can never regret as a buyer because it satisfies your needs.

This chainsaw weighs around 7 pounds. Therefore, carrying it around while working is not hard because it does not make you tired.

  • Portable and easy to use;
  • Has a powerful battery;
  • The automatic oiling system makes it convenient to use.
  • Some people find this chainsaw a bit expensive.

3. POWERSMITH PCS140H – Best 14-inch Small Electric Chainsaw with Automatic Lubrication

When you have a woodcutting task to complete, you need a powerful tool and an exemplary machine. That chainsaw is the right tool that can help you complete the task you have at hand within the shortest time possible. When it comes to power, POWERSMITH products do not disappoint. The 14” chain ensures that you can cut the branches by just passing the saw once. In the process, you obtain stellar cutting results. Therefore, you get value for money. The chainsaw has amazing torque and offers improved performance and comfort according to your trimming needs.

Lubrication is another area that this manufacturer takes seriously. The chain is oiled automatically during operation to ensuring smooth performance. Moreover, automatic lubrication helps in lengthening the lifespan of the chainsaw. Therefore, you won’t have to spend your money on purchasing other chainsaws after a short while when you already have the product of this brand.

Are you concerned about your safety as you use this chainsaw? There is no need to worry because the tool is equipped with an effective chain brake that ensures you are always safe when using this product. The tension on the chain is always perfect, thanks to the adjusters.

The chainsaw comes with a charger, so you don’t have to worry if you run out of power after using the machine for a long time. The charger enables the user to conveniently charge the battery and continue with the task at hand.

  • It is safe to use;
  • Has improved torque;
  • Perfect chain tension;
  • Powerful battery;
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • A bit expensive.

4. Sun Joe 24V-X2-CS16 – 16-Inch Small Electric Chainsaw

If you have been reaching for a versatile chainsaw to put to virtually any use, you should definitely consider the product of the Sun Joe brand. Whether there are logs you need to cut, firewood to split, or there are branches and limbs you need to remove off a tree’s crown, this brand can help with all that. Therefore, you won’t need to purchase different types of chainsaws when you have several cutting tasks within your home.

Its motor performance is enhanced due to the brushless technology. Moreover, the chains are powerful, which means you can cut the limbs by just passing the chainsaw once.

When you purchase it, you get a 2.0 Ah rechargeable lithium battery. The battery has a long life reducing the instances when you have to stop your work to recharge it. Therefore, using the chainsaw comes with a lot of conveniences.

The chainsaw is easy-to-maintain since it does not have any pull-cords. Moreover, it does not produce any carbon emissions and is eco-friendly.

Moreover, this chainsaw is easy to use. It only weighs 6lb so you can carry this tool for a long time as you work without getting tired. When searching for the best rated small electric chainsaw, do not overlook this product.

The manufacturer offers consumers a 2-year warranty from the date they buy this tool. Therefore, you should not have any fears as you purchase the product.

  • Has a powerful battery;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to use even if you are inexperienced with these machines;
  • Lightweight.
  • Some people find it a bit expensive.

5. SereneLife AZPSLCHSAW1815 – 12-inch Chainsaw for Working on the Garden

Do you have hardwood to cut and need a machine that can help you do the work effectively? The SereneLife model is the one you should search for. Its blade is 12” long. You can comfortably trim the limbs by just passing the chainsaw through the area once. With an operating speed of 2.8 MPs, you are sure to use the chainsaw comfortably through the tasks at hand. In simple terms, it makes all your landscaping tasks easy.

It is designed without any cord. That means you can comfortably use this chainsaw for landscaping tasks that are away from electricity source. It is the level of convenience that you should be looking for as you purchase a chainsaw.

The product comes with a lithium battery rated 18V. This battery has a long life and is rechargeable. Therefore, you can do your trimming tasks for a long time without the need to stop because of the battery. You can accomplish a lot in terms of trimming by just charging the battery once.

Are you an amateur when it comes to handling chainsaws? This brand makes the right choice for you. The product is designed with a handgrip that is comfortable for any user. That means you can work with it for several hours without stopping because you are tired. Additionally, the chain tensioner enables easy adjustment of the chain grip. The chainsaw comes with a safety guide with easy instructions you should follow.

  • Maximum safety;
  • There is a blade housing to increase the durability of the product;
  • Lithium battery with long life.
  • Some people find it a bit heavy to handle.

6. Wenyun Multifunction Electric Drill Modified Chainsaw – Best Multipurpose Chainsaw

Are you looking for a chainsaw that you can use to cut wood, reshape, and file soft metals? Consider buying a multifunctional chainsaw from Wenyun. Many people prefer this product because of its versatility. It features many combinations for performing all your cutting tasks effectively.

Are you new to these tools, and you are not sure of how to use them? This chainsaw makes a good choice because it is simple in operation.

The tool comes with several blades that you can use to cut tiles, different types of wood materials, and soft metal without straining. Moreover, it is safe to use, given its excellent safety characteristics. It is a DIY tool that you should always have within your home.

  • Can be used for different cutting functions;
  • Easy to use;
  • Helps you work fast.
  • It is a bit expensive.

7. Remington RM1425 – Best 14-inch Small Electric Chainsaw

Do you have small bushes that you need to trim periodically? Remington RM1425 is the chainsaw you should consider. The manufacturers have a reputation in the market and are known to produce products that meet users’ needs.

What are the features that make this chainsaw attractive to users? Firstly, it has a 14-inch bar and chain. They ensure that it can comfortably handle thick materials. Therefore, the product works perfectly for you.

If you are looking for convenience, the brand provides it as well. The chainsaw is lightweight, making it comfortable for the user. You can use it for a long time without feeling tired.

Its motor has 8AMP power. Therefore, you only need to run the chainsaw once for it too cut all the limbs. That means it is easy to use, and it only takes you a short while to finish the task at hand.

How does the push-button oiler help the user? It is possible to oil this chainsaw any time the need arises. That makes maintenance of this chainsaw easy and gives you one more reason to purchase this product.

Additionally, its tension is perfect. Withering is never part of your worry as you use this brand because there is an excellent adjustment system that releases the chain and keeps the tension at an ideal level.

Because this chain uses electricity, you do not have to search for gasoline. However, you have to connect its cord to an electric source to use it. The length of the cord is enough for you to use the chainsaw conveniently.

Can the chainsaw be used by someone who is not an expert in this field? Yes. In addition to the fact that you do not need to assemble the machine, it is also easy for you when you want to start it.

  • The motor is powerful;
  • It has a perfect push-button system for oiling;
  • You do not need to assemble it before use;
  • Ease of use.
  • May only be used indoors;
  • You have to connect it to an electricity source to use it.

No products found.

The Final Word

If you want to manage your property like a pro, you need the perfect chainsaw. We reviewed several products from well-known brands that come in a variety of sizes, designs, as well as strengths. When choosing a tool for cutting the branches in your garden, safety is an important aspect as well. Therefore, you should get a tool that is a perfect fit for your situation.

In addition to deciding on the type of chainsaw you want, it is crucial to look at the chain length. It is an important feature as it determines the effectiveness of the chainsaw. On our list, there are chainsaws with different chain lengths, and you should choose the one that you are sure to meet your cutting needs.

The choice of your chainsaw should also be based on the cutting task you want to perform and your preference. However, it is good to go for versatile equipment that makes it possible to perform all your cutting duties using that tool without the need to purchase one more for a different task. If you prefer a chainsaw with a rechargeable battery, you should pick the one with a long life.

My best pick is Greenworks 20362. This equipment has a powerful motor, does not require assembling, has a perfect push-button system for oiling, and is easy to use.

If you need a more powerful but noisy chainsaw, then pay attention to the gas chainsaw.

Which brand of electric chainsaw have you used before? Did you like its performance? What was the best thing about it? Share your experiences by leaving a comment.

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