Best Chainsaw Case for Safe Storage and Transportation

Chainsaws are indispensable tools. Thanks to a wide range of functions and wear-resistant materials, they can be used in gardening, repair, and construction works. However, for the device to serve you as long as possible, you should store it properly.

It is for these purposes that the chainsaw cases were made. They serve as reliable storage for your equipment, protecting it from unnecessary damage. At the same time, they keep you, the furniture, car, and other objects safe, because even a switched-off chainsaw can be incredibly dangerous if stored or carried improperly.

To make it easier for you to find the best chainsaw case and save you hours of surfing the Internet, I decided to share my personal top 8 reliable products that I have ever used. The list contains only the finest quality products from leading gardening and construction equipment manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Echo, and Woodland. And if you don’t know which case to choose for your chainsaw, read my buyer’s guide, in which I tell in detail what to look for when buying, and the FAQ section with answers to the most common questions.

My Top 8 Chainsaw Case Reviews

I recommend purchasing a case right when you get a chainsaw. So which products are really worth your attention?

1. STIHL 0000 900 4008 — 20 Inch Chainsaw Case (Top Pick)

STIHL 0000 900 4008 Woodsman Chain Saw Carrying Case
STIHL 0000 900 4008 Woodsman Chain Saw Carrying Case

Another well-known manufacturer of tools for construction and agriculture is the German company STIHL. Its STIHL 0000 900 4008 cases is designed to store and carry chainsaws up to 20 inches. These are all models from MS 170 to MS 460 inclusive. But if you have an electric saw or chainsaw models MS 441, 441 C-M, 461, 461 CM, or 880, you will have to choose another product.

This case weighs 6.5 pounds and measures 22x14x14 inches. It is made of durable plastic and has a secure latch on the lid. However, there is very little space inside. It doesn’t even have a separate chain holder. Considering that this model is one of the most expensive on the list, I expected it to offer more features.

  • Lightweight;
  • Has a solid latch;
  • Made of very durable plastic.
  • There is little space for accessories;
  • Overpriced.

2. Husqvarna 100000107 — The Best Chainsaw Carrying Case Overall

A Swedish company Husquarna is one of the leading manufacturers of garden and industrial equipment in the world. Its case 100000107 is universal and fits all chainsaws of this brand (372xp and 575xp inclusive). It is made of heavy-duty, yet lightweight plastic. The item weighs 9 pounds and has dimensions 2×20.5×13.25 inches. It has a removable scabbard 18 to 20 inches long.

There is plenty of room inside to attach a chainsaw and store accessories securely. However, there is only one compartment here, which makes it difficult to keep order. Also, the case looks a bit flimsy, in my opinion, despite the attractive design overall. Hinges seem to be unreliable and may break after a while. For this cost, the manufacturer could make them sturdier.

  • Enough room to fit accessories;
  • Lightweight;
  • Attractive design.
  • A bit pricey;
  • Weak hinges.

3. Poulan Pro 952031152 — Universal Chainsaw Case

For over 70 years, an American company Poulan Pro has been producing quality equipment for outdoor works. If you already have an 18-20 inch gas chainsaw from this manufacturer, you need the Poulan Pro 952031152 case.

Inside, it is not roomy, but a spare chain and fuel container will definitely fit. This item is also suitable for chainsaws from other companies such as Husqvarna and Weed Eater. The case measures 22.1×15.9×14.5 inches and weighs 9 pounds.

The design can hardly catch your attention; it is made rather rough. But solid plastic and reliable hinges make this model very durable. As for the minuses, I would note that there are no belts to fix the device, which means that it can dangle inside the case while being carried.

  • Durable;
  • Has a universal size;
  • Features a reasonable price.
  • Looks ugly;
  • There is no internal chainsaw fixation.

4. Husqvarna 100000101 — The Most Sturdy Chainsaw Box

Another Husqvarna model to look out for is a Husqvarna 100000101. As with the previous item, there is extra space inside the case, but not much to hold everything you need. If used without a saw, a scabbard can be hidden inside. Its lid fits quite tightly with its body; you will have to make an effort to close it.

The case is made of durable plastic and has double walls to provide additional protection for your tool. Due to this, it costs a little more than the previous product of this brand. The item can be used to carry most Husqvarna chainsaws (including XP and Rancher). It measures 22×14.25×12 inches and weighs 6.7 pounds. Since this case is not universal, check the dimensions of your device before purchasing.

  • Fairly lightweight;
  • Very robust housing;
  • Has a secure lock.
  • Not a universal model;
  • Snap closures look unreliable.

5. Echo 99988801210 — The Most Lightweight Chainsaw Storage Box

Echo Incorporated originally imported Japanese goods, but soon after opening, it started to manufacture its own garden equipment in North America, quickly becoming one of the leaders.

The Echo case 99988801210 measures 20x12x12.5 inches and weighs 6 pounds. It fits all Echo chains and bars up to 20 inches in length. Unlike previous products, this item requires preliminary assembly.

It has a square shape specifically so that there is enough space inside for various accessories. Besides, there are cutouts in its walls for tools such as spark plugs or a wrench. The case and clips are made of durable plastic; it closes easily with no extra effort. However, there are no locks inside to secure the chainsaw. With careless transportation, it will dangle inside.

  • Made of durable plastic;
  • Has plenty of space for accessories and tools;
  • Budget-friendly.
  • A chainsaw is not fixed inside;
  • Needs to be assembled.

6. Cataumet Carrying Bag — 14 Inch Chainsaw Case with a Sharpening Kit

An American company Cataumet specializes in the production of accessories for household and garden appliances. Its Cataumet Carrying Bag is one-size-fits-all, weighs just 3.54 pounds, and is suitable for carrying small gas chainsaws with 14 inches bars and large ones up to 18 inches long. The product comes with a proprietary chainsaw sharpening tool kit.

The 16″ chainsaw case is made of durable polyester, has a moisture-repellent treatment, strong double stitching, and a reinforced bottom to withstand even the heaviest models. It has useful handles and a wide shoulder strap. The fabric parts look good, but the plastic hooks that attach handles to the bag feel unreliable. In my opinion, such parts need to be made of metal to carry heavy tools.

  • Comes with sharpening tools;
  • Made of durable materials;
  • One size fits all.
  • Not suitable for battery devices;
  • Plastic hooks and rings may break.

7. WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Bag — Universal Chainsaw Bag

If you prefer soft bags to bulky cases, then a WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Bag is for you. It weighs 2.5 pounds and is capacious enough to carry any chainsaws with bars up to 20 inches long. It comes with two scabbards for narrow and wide bars. Without them, bag dimensions are 18x10x12 inches. The item has two handles, a shoulder strap, and multiple pockets for useful stuff.

The case is made of durable fabric; however, it is not water-resistant as there is a scabbard hole in the case. This hole is equipped with a reinforced ring so that you do not accidentally tear the fabric when you put in your chainsaw. The plastic bottom holds the tool securely inside, does not sag or crack, and prevents oil leakage.

  • One size fits all;
  • Many pockets;
  • Reinforced bottom.
  • Not waterproof;
  • It is not very convenient to put a chainsaw inside.

8. Echo 103942147 — The Most Affordable Chainsaw Cover

It is another product from the Echo company, not a case, but a small chainsaw case for carrying and storing saws up to 20 inches. It is roomy enough, so even models from other brands can fit in it. The bag measures 18.5x12x11.5 inches and weighs 5 pounds. It is made of durable nylon with a special thread structure and water-repellent treatment. D-rings and hooks of the item are made of stainless steel.

Like bags from other brands, it has two handles and a shoulder strap. The strap is adjustable, but not long enough. Besides, I think, it may not support the weight of heavy models. Reinforced sides and the bottom ensure the safe transportation of your saw. By the way, there is an additional strap to fix the tool inside.

  • Reasonable price;
  • There is a belt for fixing a saw;
  • Resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Short and thin shoulder strap;
  • There is no hard scabbard.

Chainsaw Carry Case Buyer’s Guide

Cataumet Chainsaw Carrying

As you can see, there are many good cases and bags for storing and carrying tools in the current market. Here’s what you should look for when picking the right product for your chainsaw.

Chainsaw size

It would be a shame if a chainsaw didn’t fit into a case you just bought. To avoid this, measure your tool. Online stores offer a pre-purchase checkout option. Just enter the model number of your chainsaw, and a store will show you if a particular case fits your saw. Electrical tools have longer bodies than gas ones, so you need to look for a specially marked model, such as a 16-inch electric chainsaw case.

Storage requirements

In order not to take an additional tool case with you, choose such models that can hold more than only a chainsaw. There should be enough space inside for you to put a container of oil, spark plugs, extra chain, protective gloves, rags, etc.


Any chainsaw is not the lightest tool, so you should not take on the extra weight in the form of a heavy and bulky case. Finding the right balance is important: the item should be strong enough to support the weight of a saw, but lightweight enough not to overload you.


Choose a case or bag depending on the conditions of your work. If you transport or carry your chainsaw frequently, you will most likely need a solid plastic case. It will reliably protect your tool from any damage. If you use your chainsaw at home, you can purchase a small chainsaw case made of soft materials.


Durability depends directly on the storage conditions and transportation of a tool. For regular carriage, it is best to opt for a rigid double-walled case made of thick plastic. There should be an additional belt for a chainsaw inside. For home storage, you can choose a soft case. All of them are made of dense mechanical damage-resistant materials.

Chainsaw Case FAQs

Husqvarna 100000107

In this section, I will answer the most common questions. Feel free to ask your question in the comments section below.

Will my chainsaw fit a universal case?

Usually, universal cases are not the best choice. I recommend picking the right size for your tool. For example, if you buy an 18 chainsaw case for a small saw, it will just dangle inside and become unusable faster. The same is with large chainsaws; they may simply not fit.

Can I transport a chainsaw without carrying the case?

I highly recommend transporting a saw in a scabbard and carrying a case. It is a prerequisite for your safety and the safety of those around you. A saw is a tool that poses an increased danger even when turned off. Besides, a case will protect the device from possible damage and extend its service life.

How to clean a chainsaw case?

Most models have removable plastic bottoms that trap spilled oil and prevent leaks. If there is a lot of liquid, scoop up the excess from the surface with a paper towel, and then remove the bottom. Soft cases have a special moisture-repellent coating, but if the oil does spill, treat it with a paper towel. Wash the case with a special engine oil stain remover.

Do You Really Need a Chainsaw Case?

Whether you use your chainsaw for your own garden or falling trees on an industrial scale, a good chainsaw case is a must. Firstly, it will protect the tool body from damage and the chain from rust.

Secondly, it will protect the furniture and the interior of your car from oily stains. And thirdly, it will keep you safe from possible injuries. I think you understand the need to purchase such a useful product, and I hope my article will help you choose the most suitable case.

What case do you use for your chainsaw? Which brand do you prefer and why?

Ronnie Collins

Ronnie Collins

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