Best 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw: How to Select a Powerful Device

The electric chainsaw is intended for simple household works, which makes it an indispensable tool in a cottage, construction, or your own house. It copes effectively with small diameter sawing and garden care.

As a person who is deeply passionate about gardening and woodworking, I can say for sure that one of the main tools that should be at hand for any owner of a private house is a power saw. With this tool, you can quickly prepare firewood for the winter, prune dry branches in the garden, and complete a lot of other important chores around the house. Without it, it is impossible to imagine a full-fledged construction or repair work involving the cutting of large quantities of wood, which is my work and hobby for most of the time.

There are various chainsaws from different providers that differ in characteristics, power range, and price. So how to be sure this is a tool that will suit your needs best? How to know the characteristics to look for when choosing a chainsaw, and what are the benefits of this category of tools? Here are some tips to guide you and help you make a quick yet thoughtful choice.

Hand saws and hacksaws are long gone. Today, only gasoline and electric models are in high demand in the fields where they are needed (the electric motor is connected to the grids, the gasoline works by burning fuel). Demand for them is driven by high productivity with minimal physical effort on the part of the operator.

The main advantages of electric chain saws include high productivity, lightweight, and ecological safety. Nowadays, most people prefer buying electric gears since they do not emit combustion products (unlike gasoline counterparts) that are potentially hazardous to human health. Therefore, these tools can be used even indoors, minimizing the harm both for you and for the environment. Here are additional benefits you get when buying an electric chainsaw.

  • These items are lightweight. With the same power, the electric saw will always weigh less than the gasoline one. Due to this, not only men but also women and elderly people can work with the tool for a long period of time without getting physically exhausted;
  • They are cost-effective. Electric saws are less expensive to operate because they do not require regular monitoring of the condition of the engine, the gulf of gasoline, and chainsaw oil. They only require some maintenance from time to time, which includes refilling the crankcase with oil for automatic chain lubrication. You do not have to clean the air filter and replace the spark plugs to renew the work of the saw.
  • This product is simple to operate. To start a chainsaw, just plug it into the socket. Unlike gasoline one, it does not need to warm up, which is especially important when working in the cold temperatures;
  • Electric chainsaws usually have an affordable price. An Electric saw is cheaper than a gasoline one. This is due to the simplified design. The use of expensive materials, the installation of a combustion chamber, spark plugs, and a cylinder is not required to make the engine.

I think it’s enough to consider obtaining an electric chainsaw over other options. But you still have lots of variants to compare before buying a reliable tool. Let’s take a look at some solid power chainsaw options that will be good helpers in your house.

Best 18 Inch Electric Chains: Top 3 Cordless Saws on the Market

What item can be considered as the best corded 18-inch electric chainsaw? Cordless power saws (or cordless saws) are suitable if you want to work between the branches as they do not have a back rope and are usually quite light and compact. They are less tedious to use and easier to maneuver than other options. But before you buy one, you need to ensure that the wireless option has sufficient battery power and check how long it lasts.

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp


This item comes fully assembled, with the potent ability of the 15.0 engine. This rate of power ensures the saw handles all household chores. Among chainsaws with 18.0 inches, this product is one of the best competitive saws I’ve seen in terms of power and performance.

The exclusive WORX chain replacement system is what stands out in this device. It simplifies the work of the device incredibly since now there is no need to worry about the long process of switching and reconfiguring chains for the saw. Therefore, this is a fairly light machine; even beginners can handle it. Due to this automatic tensioning system, there is an oversized handle in the electric saw, which will automatically fix the tire and chain.

The 18-inch bar will help increase the stability of the machine. Therefore, you will hold the tool comfortably in your hand when cutting. Also, there is a compartment for greasing the strap, and with proper care, the item will serve you for a long time.

Though the tool itself is light, and its size is not large, this chain saw can produce the maximum power possible – 4.0. An electric saw has many advantages over a gas chain saw. You do not need to think about gas, oil, or the constant lubrication of tires – it is automatic. For the saw to work smoothly, all you need to do is to control the level of oil in the reservoir.

At the same time, this chain saw is quite safe, since it has a built-in safety brake. It will protect you from recoil in case you accidentally break the contact: the saw will stop in a matter of minutes. The saw does not perform miracles, but copes with all its functionality and provides the highest power in its line.

To facilitate manual labor (logging, gardening, etc.), various models of electric saws are used. Unlike chainsaws, electric saws are more economical, they vibrate less, and their sawing accuracy is higher. Also, you can use them indoors, since these tools do not produce harmful emissions. Moreover, they are lighter in weight and produce less noise.

When performing various types of summer cottage work, a chain saw is an indispensable tool. Therefore, if you need a chain saw for wood, this option will delight you with the optimal combination of the highest quality at a competitive price level. In case you want to extend the quality and durability of the electric saw, do not forget about the proper care of the tool. Let the saw cool down, do not leave oil after the procedure – remove the oil cover immediately after work.

In general, with proper care of the tool, this item is very reliable, productive, and easy to use. An 18-inch bar helps improve cutting stability. And automatic lubrication of both the tire and the chain will make the use of the saw extremely easy.

  • The maximum power that can handle large logs
  • There are no problems with jumping of the chain or excessive oil because of the dimensional divisions
  • The item is much quieter than any chainsaw
  • There is a protective handle – with the press on it, the chain will immediately stop
  • It does not require any additional tools
  • Unfortunately, it has a rather low-quality plastic drive mechanism that can crack over time

Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80V Cordless Chainsaw


This saw offers almost twice cuts more as compared to the previous version, which provides an increased level of efficient work. The spikes of this tool are metal, and the motor is brushless, providing better performance. The battery recharges quickly, in just half an hour. On the downside, you need to buy a battery and a charger separately.

With this tool, you can do a lot of hard work without the expense of gas. At the same time, the instrument is lightweight, without a cord, which simplifies maneuver and movement when working with it. Moreover, the GreenWorks Pro 80V system has multifunctional nozzles from a standard 18-inch chainsaw to hedge trimmers and lawnmowers.

You do not have to buy several tools because the chainsaw under review will cope with different tasks. Initially, not everyone likes chainsaws with a battery, especially those who are not used to universal saws. Those people who want to use what they think is reliable, usually choose gas saws.

Thus, the electric saw is rarely inferior to the gas one, and besides, it is environmentally friendly. The saw does not lose energy while discharging the battery – you will receive alerts from the built-in indicator that the power is low. This saw can easily perform around 3-4 hours, which is enough for full-fledged work and reboots faster.

Greenworks Pro is recharged for about half an hour; thus you have enough time to take a rest before a new job. At the same time, you can buy a spare battery, and the saw will work all day continuously. Although keep in mind that the spare charge is quite expensive. The performance of the 16-inch saw is really impressive. Easy care for the saw and its lightness are the main advantages of this item.

  • Cordless work for 2-3 hours
  • Can be recharged in 30 minutes
  • No need to buy additional tools
  • Expensive spare batteries

Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw


It is a classic 18-inch saw that works at peak performance. At the same time, the PowerSharp chain simplifies saw maintenance by sharpening the chain directly on the saw automatically. Lubrication also takes place automatically, because the saw features an internal Lubri-Tec lubrication system. It will reduce the friction of the chain and increase the working time of the saw.

Oregon CS1500 comes already assembled in a package. It feels light in hand and is simple in care. Also, it has a chain brake for added safety, which helps in operation. At the same time, the saw is not only safe but also very quiet in operation, especially in comparison with other chainsaws on the list.

Surprisingly, although the saw looks light and tiny, it is not inferior in power to other saws. It is the only product that has an electric chain saw with a self-sharpening system. The saw starts instantly; no warming up or gas-oil mixing is necessary.

Oregon provides high-quality service at all levels – from the production to technical support. As for the disadvantages mentioned by the users, note that you cannot leave the saw working for a long period of time. The reason is it causes a great amount of grease to be released, and the chain just flies off.

Besides this flaw, the users state that this electric saw copes with any tasks. Also, the price for such power is very low. The ability, safety, minimum maintenance requirement – all these features make the chainsaw by Oregon comfortable and efficient in use.

  • It is a type of chainsaw with a self-sharpening system
  • An internal Lubri-Tec lubrication system
  • The device is lightweight and simple to work with
  • An affordable price for such a level of quality
  • The saw will fail if the lubrication system breaks

Why 18W Is Usually Enough for an Electric Chainsaw?

By improving battery powered garden tools, various brands have designed cordless models for home use. The cordless saws are easy to hold, and they are really quiet in operation. Most electric chain saws are equipped with an 18W or 36W battery. More powerful batteries will give you more time to cut, but their cost is higher.

Battery models can also be very expensive. Some 36W models are more pricey than their gasoline counterparts. So the advantages of a cordless saw are mainly due to its weight, low noise level, and the absence of a power source. But there are some disadvantages of using this item, such as a limited working time, a necessity for recharging, and a high price.

What is the best chainsaw or power saw? Its performance is affected by two parameters: engine power and cutting head quality. For those looking for inexpensive tools to work in the countryside, models with a capacity of up to 2 kW are sufficient.

They will cope with the cutting of logs, trimming the crown of trees and dry branches. If you are planning a full construction, it is better to buy slightly more powerful tools – up to 3 kW. In particular, 3 kW is considered to be the maximum power rating for household chores and the average one for professional analogs.

When deciding which chainsaw to buy, first, think of how you will use it. Consider how often you plan to use the tool. Then, consider the file resource. Find out how many minutes or hours a day the item can work.

For the best woodwork, you should sharpen your chain.

Based on this, select the product type you want. Next, select the right model in the selected class. When choosing a chainsaw, consider its power, weight, the presence of a reliable anti-vibration system. Do you prefer chainsaw over the power saw? What characteristics are vital for you when selecting a chainsaw? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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