Best Table Saw for Beginners – Usage Guide 2022

Today is a perfect day to talk about table saws. Everyone who is working with wood or other materials once was a beginner who knows nothing about what device to choose, how to cope with it and keep your fingers in place. This guide is created to answer these questions. I will also describe the best table saws for beginners. I will show you how professional saws differ and why you don’t need sophisticated constructions to rip the wood.

I know how hard it can be to choose machinery that suits you. Especially when you can’t see it with your own eyes. I have faced such a problem and became a skilled hand in table saws and not only them. No less important to choose the main part of the table – a blade. The last models of table saws have many features that make our life easier. A lot of them allow changing different blade types.

All the providers care for the guard system as they know that working with wood cutting can be dangerous. However, not with today’s products. They are so easy to use, even a child can cope with them. So, I’m sure, with this guide you will choose the best table saw for you.

Top 7 Best Table Saws for Beginners

1. DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite 8-1/4-Inch – Table Saw Top Pick

The history of the worldwide brand DeWALT started almost a decade ago. The development of the nowadays corporation took a lot of effort, and now it is a leader in providing tools for manufacturing. Here you won’t find heavy equipment that professionals like to use. Almost all DeWALT technologies have a design that is comfortable for beginners. If you are searching for an easy-to-use table saw or hammer drill, impact driver – this provider has everything. The new lines of products continue to appear every year, so all the devices are fresh and innovative. In a short word, DeWALT seems to have a knack for construction and woodworking remedies.

If you are looking for a table saw that is ideal for transferring, the DeWALT product is what you need. You can store it in your garage, as long as you want, and then set to a working position just in a few seconds. Portability is essential in such a product. When you are a beginner, you don’t want to cope with difficult constructions. A big plus is easy adjustments that allow managing with a table saw fast and smoothly. Telescoping rails make the fence movement more accurate. So, you don’t need a lot of effort to work with this device.

Table Saw for Jobsite has a guarantee of continued usage. The metal cage is tough and unbroken even under high pressure. Also, the material is stainless, so you can safely store it as long as you need it. The sordine includes the onboard storage where you can put all the blades. It is comfortable because you don’t need to keep them far away from the device. Sometimes, they can get lost, and I’m sure you don’t want this to happen.

Another technology development is a non-through cut riving knife. Its use can make a working process a little safer as well as the anti-kickback pawls that are also included. A push stick that allows managing with a saw will make it easier for you to cut the wood. Besides all these parts, the blade change wrenches are also in a sordine.

An innovative, powerful motor works longer without stopping. The 5800 RPM motor works faster than you expect. The fence regulates the cutting and can rip 4×8 sheets. That’s a great advantage because it is not that simple to make the same sheets two times. DeWALT table saw allows doing this even if you are not professional.

  • Easy to transfer and store;
  • Includes all the adjustments you need;
  • Safe;
  • Fast and smoothy innovative technology.
  • Not for large woodblocks;
  • Only for wood.

2. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. – Best Entry Level Table Saw

A company that invented the first portable circular saw now is called Skilsaw and continues to amaze us with innovations. “Stay true” is a company mission statement. The team of manufacturers worked hard to propose only true and effective products. Skilsaw serves the professional construction market. Their cutting technologies work on a wide range of materials like wood, concrete, metal, etc. Since the rebranding, a corporation has expanded its product line several times, and now you will easily find an ideal device for your home rebuilding.

Whatever you are working with, wood, plywood, or other material, the Skilsaw device comes in useful. It is the first Worm Drive table saw. The feature of its construction is a 25 inches rip capacity and 3,5 inches depth. It will easily rip the whole layers of plywood. A fence allows making straight cuts with an easy to regulate bevel. Technology makes the true cutting that goes from -1° to 46°. And you don’t need to train hard to reach this ability. The innovative table saw will do it for you.

A kit has a variety of accessories. It includes a 24-tooth SKILSAW Carbide-tipped blade for fast and safe ripping. The dual-motor increases the speed of the blade work in about two times. The device’s motor is highly durable due to this feature because the dual formula does not change so quickly as others do. The self-aligning fence goes together with a miter gauge.

The remedy is fitted out with a security system. It includes an anti-kickback mechanism, enter plate, force stick, and wrench. Initially, it can be difficult to get accustomed to the machinery. The guard system is provided to exclude some mechanical failures or traumas.

The Skilsaw worm drive table saw is portable, easy-to-use, and completely safe. Its weight is about 49 pounds. Amazingly, how such a small machine can rip so large wood sheets. The length is 72 inches that allow storing a device whenever you find it suitable. The device is small, but true cutting is ensured.

  • Dual-motor;
  • Lightweight;
  • Rip the plywood;
  • Has a miter gauge for perfect ripping.
  • Standings are sold separately.

3. Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife – Premium Table Saw

Shop Fox is a brand of a large Woodstock corporation, a manufacturer of woodworking and metalworking machinery. This brand quickly became one of the leaders in specialized appliances. Shop Fox is unique because it has a whole range of equipment and accessories. The product line has a reputation for high-level quality. It includes table saws, metal bandsaws, sanders, drill presses, and many others. Woodstock is famous for its fast service that serves several thousand users.

The professional cutting tool Shop Fox table saw has a massive table for large wood sheets. The surface is covered with iron. This material reduces a big percent of friction and creates a smooth covering. The motor has a 3 HP that highly increases the ripping speed. A device has various features that make it one of the best table saws.

One of the advantages of Shop Fox technology is T-fence. Ideal for the regulation, it stables the working process and leads a sheet to the perfect ripping position. The riving knife is a unique instrument in this kit. It follows blade’s ups and downs and cuts straight with no mistakes. T-slot miter gauge is what is used for measuring the sheet size and allows extending the fence. It has a flip stop and is perfect for long pieces. A flip stop can be regulated due to the size of the wood sheet and pivoted back down to make an additional cut if you need it.

Working with such large machinery requires a good guard system. And Shop Fox cared for this. The security features include a clear shield that provides a clear vision of the blade. The shield protects your hands from injuries. There are also a spreader and anti-kickback pawls on both sides of the spreader.

  • Perfect guard system;
  • Powerful motor;
  • Has a cut regulating system;
  • Smooth surface.
  • Massive.

4. DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw – Best Starter Table Saw

DeWALT technologies continue to develop, and the 10-inch table saw is our next point. The feature of this amazing machine is a 24-tooth blade. With a 3850 RPM motor, a table saw is able to cut the pressure-treated boards and hardwood sheets. No matter what you are ripping the smooth machinery makes a clean cutting.

It not only works with hard materials but also has a huge rip capability. The fence construction with pinion rails perfectly cut 20-inches sheets. Telescoping design makes transporting a lot easier. A fence rips the wood with 3-⅛ inches depth at 90 degrees and 2-¼ at 45 degrees. You can get sheets of any size you want.

And what about the guarding system? Table saw’s security components can be regulated without any additional instruments. The table surface is covered with a material that reduces friction. Thanks to this, the cutting goes easily. No plastic bases, only a metal cage for a long store, and a strong setup for your safety. It does not make a machine heavier at all. A device is only a 42-pound weight because of the lightweight aluminum construction.

The specific Site-Pro components also allow to clean the dust by connecting the port to a vacuum in a few seconds. All the components can be hidden in the board storage when not in usage. It’s a plus that you can take with you everything you need for a comfortable ripping. Protecting your hands and fingers is a high priority.

  • Lightweight;
  • Has a guarding system;
  • Strong base material;
  • Easy dust cleaning.
  • Not as fast as similar devices.

5. TACKLIFE Table Saw – Best Beginner Table Saw

No products found.

Do you think it possible to create a brand producing professional remedies with only ten people? Tacklife has proved that it is achievable. Five years ago, there was only an idea to improve the construction products market. Now, we can see the result of hard work. Tacklife proposes a line of hand tools, they will surely make your working process more comfortable and safe. The company’s team continues to develop and gets inspiration from the customer’s feedback. They start the creation of new technologies with a question, “What is the best for our users and what do they really need?”. Maybe you will be the next who shares the experience of Tacklife product usage, who knows.

Tacklife’s cheap table saw has a super-strong construction made of aluminum and iron. The combination of these two metals creates a lightweight and unbroken saw base. The surface has antioxidant and anti-deformation features. The friction is reduced as much as possible.A powerful motor works inside the base. Fast 4800 RPM motor cuts various materials starting with wood and plywood and ending with hardboard and chipboard.

The construction of the device has a lot of plusses. The wrench and push stick can be stored on-board to have quick access to the instruments. Another feature is a translucent blade guard. With this advantage, you can increase the clear vision and keep your hands in a safe position. It is easy to clean the surface when you are done. A port connects with the vacuum cleaner and provides fast shavings removal.

Talking about a bevel cutting, the handle with a tilt angle can cut from 0° to 45° with a max rip depth of 2”. You can change more than 10 different blades for various cuttings. For cross-cutting, there is a miter gauge that will lead the working process and find the perfect position. The maximum capacity is a little more than 16 inches in the left and 12 in the right side. Technology requires a little effort to stable the cuts using a rip fence.

A package consists of a saw blade, miter gauge, push bar, protection guard with a parallel guide, and also external hex keys. All of this you will get at a low price. With a parallel guide, you will be able to rip the sheet exactly where you need to with a certain length. The push bar protects your fingers from cutting. Additional instruments provide sufficient usage and make the working process a lot easier.

  • Strong saw base;
  • Powerful motor;
  • High-level security system;
  • You can use more than 10 different blades.
  • Does not cut metal plates.

6. MicroLux Mini Tilt Arbor Table Saw For Benchtop Hobby Use – Entry Level Table Saw

The mission of the Micro-Mark provider is to create the best customer service in the business. The product line is truly unique on the market. The company offers micro machinery for all kinds of construction and manufacturing. They use 3D technology and other innovations to make the smallest detail fit into the device. Such a way of production requires searching for new ideas all the time. Micro-Mark employees keep an eye on the latest research, and the company creates a sufficient workplace. They treat customers as friends. It is a good idea to make both sides satisfied. You will have an excellent service, and they will have objective feedback.

Microlux saw cut everything it has access to. It is the first tablet device with variable speed. Its technology is developed to rip metal and plastic sheets as well as the wood ones. The machine is a microdevice with only 14 pounds of weight, including all the additional instruments. Because this table saw is known as the most feature-packed machinery, its lightness amazes.

The size is 13 x 13 inches with a 9 inches height. Compact volume allows you to transport it wherever you need, even if you work on the twentieth floor in a building with no elevator. You won’t find any other device with the same size that is so powerful as Microlux saw is. Because of its construction, the ripping becomes smooth and brings only satisfaction.

The saw base is made of plastic. To reduce the friction for light ripping the surface is covered with aluminum. The blade is provided with two miter gauges, so you can cut from both left and right sides of the blade. You can easily regulate the speed, blade tilt, and height with the controls in the front of the device. The vacuum cleaner port is also available.

  • Rip metal and plastic;
  • Compact;
  • Lightweight;
  • Not for the big wood sheets.

7. DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw – Additional Feature for Table Saws

In addition to the table saw, DeWALT proposes a mobile stand with a rolling construction. The rails make a transfer more easygoing. When you finish your work, it takes up to a minute to attach a saw to the stand. Brackets help load and upload the machinery quickly. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the table saw during transport. The heavy-duty kickstand works perfectly balancing the mechanism attachment, and the offset legs control the stability. Legs can be hidden under the stand. The base is wide enough to cope with a table saw weight. All these features provide mobility and simple storage.

The main material is aluminum that reduces the weight of construction. However, aluminum is one of the strongest materials, so the stand will keep a stable position on the ideal height. It is constructed to reduce the unnecessary strain on your hands and back. Now you can work longer and be more productive.

  • Lightweight;
  • Strong construction;
  • Has rails for comfortable transport;
  • Perfect balancing.
  • Sold separately from table saw.

Buyers Guide

How to Choose a Table Saw for Beginner?

Your first table saw should be memorizable. From this point, you can start your career or just a good home remodeling. Pay attention to the characteristics of the device.

The compact table saw is ideal for the beginners. I guess that people who only start working with wood cutting may not have a stable place for this. Huge and massive machinery won’t satisfy them. But the device with a length of about 13 x 13 inches and weight up to 45 pounds will be a great choice. It will be comfortable to work with if it is medium-sized. If you’re searching for a new hobby or you work with tiny details, the MicroLux will work great. But if you need to cut long and massive wood sheets, you should look for something else.

Choose the motor that works at high speed. The 4000-5000 RPM motor is one of the best options, and it is popular in many table saws. It will be easier to cut the broad pieces. With fast ripping, you will be able to be more productive. You don’t need to stand two hours cutting the wood if you can do this in one hour, right?

It is better to choose a device where you will be able to change blades. The blade size should be medium. A small one is not always able to cut big sheets, and the large one does not always make a straight rip – a 10-inches blade is just ideal. Note that a blade with many teeth will make a way more smooth cut.

What Is Best Table Saw for Home Use And for Woodworking?

A table saw for home use and woodworking does not differ a lot if you are a beginner. For home, it is better to choose a portable one like DeWALT or Skilsaw device. They will also be great for woodworking. It is better not to buy a Microlux for woodworking, only in case you work with metal or plastic details. A premium Shop Fox machinery is ideal for woodworking. It can take a big area. For home usage, it is a bad variant though. But, if you know that you will have to cut wood systematically, and you search for the easy-to-use professional device, Shop Fox is definitely your choice!

Which Portable Table Saw?

A portable table saw weighs about 42-49 pounds. The length can be different because of the material it is made from. The best material for compact table saws is aluminum. It is strong but lightweight. My advice is not to choose the device made of plastic. Only in case, it has a metal surface, and you need a tiny machine, which you can easily transport. Metal construction is not so massive and has longer durability.

How to Use a Table Saw?

Modern table saws do not require a lot of effort to use them. First of all, you need to set a blade and other additional instruments like a miter gauge if you have them. Before using, remove a blade guard and check if the blade is square to the table. Also, make sure the splitter is stable to avoid rotating. Don’t forget to set a blade guard after checking. Next, remember to place the fence parallel to the wood sheet. Use a push stick to avoid traumas. The table saw turns on with a button, and then you can cut your piece of wood.

What Is the Best Table Saw for a Beginner?

We have gone through many table saws and discussed diverse features, advantages, and disadvantages. So, what is the best beginner table saw? Will you be able to cope with it? Surely, you will. Choosing a table saw is an important process that requires an attentive rating of the products.

If you are still wondering what saw to choose, I have highlighted the top three picks of the devices I have described. DeWALT Table Saw for Jobsite 8-1/4-Inch is a top pick on Amazon, and there is a good reason. It is compact and lightweight but made of strong material that provides long usage. As well as DeWALT, the Tecklife table saw has similar features but for a lower price. The Skilsaw table saw that works with different materials is great for the beginners. All these devices are compact, lightweight, and have a guard system that makes them perfect for the start.


How to use a table saw safely?

Almost all the table saws have a security system that includes a push stick and blade guard. All you need to do is to set a blade guard and use a push stick while cutting. But always read a manual before using a table saw.

How to change a table saw blade?

You need to remove a blade guard and also a splitter that is set above the blade. Then slightly remove the blade. Put your fingers on its base, not the tooth, to avoid injuries.

How pick your first table saw?

There are some characteristics that you should consider, like length, weight, motor type, and others. The best table saw for beginners needs to be compact, lightweight, and have 3 PH motor for fast working.

A Small Final Report

I remember the time I started working with my first table saw, and that was an unforgettable feeling. I believe that with the best table saw and innovative technologies, you will feel the same. It is important to choose a perfect first saw because it forms your attitude towards woodworking. If the device is cool, you surely will continue working and won’t stop because of mechanical failures.

Choose carefully – read all my table saw for beginners reviews, compare the products’ descriptions. With this guide, you will be able to find the best table saw even online. Have you ever worked with table saws? Maybe you already have one of the devices that I have described above, and you can add other tips? I’m waiting for your comments below!

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