Best Chainsaw for Home Use – All You Need for a Clear Backyard

Having worked in several agriculture companies, I have attained unbeatable expertise in machine handling. Chainsaws are part of the instruments I deem vital in farming. I have decided to open up on the best pro chainsaws for home use available to help young and inexperienced farmers get some useful tools in a thick bush clearing.

I once calculated the cost of tree felling and broad production, and it is such a massive chunk of money wasted on activities that are easy to do with the right tool. Many people think only experts can handle a chainsaw, but it requires no unique expertise to run. Technology has come to our advantage, and it is high time we took a better slice of the same.

I doubt there is anyone who wouldn’t like to have the power to clear an entire forest in their hands. However, now I will only look at a few chainsaws and give my experience when using them. The best chainsaw review is something you surely do not want to miss. They are a must-read before you make a purchase. They will help you avoid making regrettable decisions when purchasing. So why not get started.

Best Chainsaw for Home Use

Below are some reviews on the best chainsaws for home use.

  • The cost;
  • The simplicity of operation;
  • Where it is most applicable.

The analysis will help you make a competent decision on the best tool for you based on the mentioned options.

1. Worx WG322  – 10-inch Chainsaw for Home Use

The cordless chainsaw is incorporated in the modern-day tech to ensure smoothness in any clearing task. The machine is powered by a 20V battery that gives you a whole day service when using it. This is all you need, as the cost is low enough to be affordable, and quality is high enough to be unbeatable.

The machine weighs around 6 pounds making it the best chainsaw for small jobs. It is easy to use, as it is an automated device. Quickly check on your oil lever through an oil meter visible without having to open the saw. My wife had complained about the heavy and hard to operate chainsaw I was using. She had suggested I buy a smaller companion for simpler tasks and I never saw any other machine that did backyard chore like the Worx.

I can now use the machine almost for 2 hours without getting tired as it is not bulky. The comfortable and anti-slip handle makes every operation enjoyable. The 20V battery series is the same battery in use as other Worx products. I use them interchangeably and enjoy an experience never felt before.

You do not need to stop your machine for lubrication as it is automated. The chainsaw saves you a lot of money that would have been used in buying fuels. The startup is smooth, and its use is less complicated. This chainsaw will solve your courtyard problems. The only con is that you cannot use it for felling big trees.

But given cost and quality, it perfectly suits the needs I bought it to undertake. I will buy a bigger saw when I need to clear a forest.

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Automated
  • Cordless
  • Not suitable for use in cutting massive logs

2. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 – Best Homeowners Chainsaw

The saw is mostly applicable for small and middle-sized tasks. The bar is ten inches making it ideal for use in logs up to 12 inches thick. The battery in place is good enough for a full-day operation.

A potent 20V lithium battery powers it. By the time I made my purchase, I hadn’t owned a chainsaw before. I needed one to help me cut some huge logs that had fallen because of heavy rain. I never expected the machine to last long given the amount I had paid.

But its versatility is amusing. It is twice the retail value. An oil meter helps you keep a tab on the amount of oil remaining. You do not need to keep stopping the machine from refueling or checking the engine. The main challenge with the gas-powered chainsaw is the way that dust accumulation causes the motor to stop. With this chainsaw, I start and stop the machine upon completing the intended task.

It came with an operation manual, which is super easy to understand. Having never owned such a machine before should not stand in your way of buying this outstanding little monster. You will quickly grasp all you need to use the tool, and since it is not gas-powered, the maintenance is less complicated.

Chain adjustment and hastening are straightforward. You do not need to be an expert to use the machine, but after using it, you will end up being one. The only drawback is the oil system. I had some awkward experience as the oil monitor failed, and knowing the oil level became a problem. I later came to learn that a full oil tank would run almost the same hours as a full battery. I, therefore, refiled after the battery ran out to avoid damaging the machine.

I have not yet pointed on the most exciting feature of the machine, which is the quietness it operates on. I have to admit that the most enjoyable part is how this quiet chainsaw makes you work comfortably without the need for ear protection gear. I profoundly recommend you buy the machine without hesitation. It is among the best-rated chainsaws that will give the best value for your money.

  • Quiet
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful battery
  • Durable
  • Problems with the oiling system

3. Makita XCU03PT1 – Best Chainsaw for Homeowners

It is a modern innovation cordless chainsaw with a potent power similar to a 32 cc gas-powered machine. The manufacturer who delivers it has vast expertise in hand machine production. This best chainsaw for small jobs is all you need for any cutting work if you are not a professional logger.

Delivered in the company of four powerful batteries to give you the kind of operation you have never seen before. The item is the best manifestation of modern-day innovation as every process is fused with the latest tech. The automated system puts the machine off when there is a long period of idleness, thus extending the battery span. An automatic oil level display screen helps you keep tabs on the amount of oil present.

Operating the machine and making adjustments is absolutely easy — all on account of the straightforward chain adjustment tool. You can easily lock the chain from auto-starting, as it can be risky. The bar is 14 inches, which makes it ideal for any medium-sized log you need to work on. If there is a store you need to build, do not look for professional loggers to do broad production for you. The lightweight product will produce the very best broads, thus saving you on cost. You can use it for close to 50 minutes without getting tired.

The batteries charge fast and last you a considerable time to help maximize the work done. The self-drive system helps increase the efficiency of the machine. Another outstanding feature is the ability to use the battery on several other Makita devices. This is a considerable advantage as it saves on cost and time.

That said, I would like to express my dissatisfaction with using the item. With the main con to the product being its relatively high cost, there is the auto power switch that affects the workflow. The automated device switches off after only a few seconds on non-operation. I do not know if my machine is faulty, but the 8 seconds timing is unacceptable. Even though the switch is there as a safety measure and battery lifesaver, I see no need for it going off in such a short time.

Until the auto switch time is rectified to a considerable duration, I would not recommend the item if you need a machine to use on a huge load of logs. In case you need a tool for house yard operations, then consider buying a smaller device.

  • Suitable for huge logs
  • Powerful battery
  • Durable
  • Automated
  • Costly
  • Poorly timed power off switch

4. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw – Best Home Use Chainsaw

The 12-inch saw is ideal for all house yard tasks. It is powered by a massive battery to ensure you get a long hour of an uninterrupted workflow. Small and lightweight for secure handling and prolonged use.

The battery-powered saw is efficient to use and has little maintenance process as compared to the gas-powered equipment. The overall cost of upkeep is low making it affordable to all. Its quality is unbeatable, and the machine is durable.

There is clear to see the oil tank for easy oil level monitoring. The good chainsaw for home use contains an automated lubricating process that ensures your equipment doesn’t dry out while in use. Chain adjustment is a comfortable and straightforward tank to the tool-free process involved. The 40V battery gives you a full day service without the need for recharging.

I have used the item for more than a month, and it is sturdy enough to work on a 14inch log without hitches. The only challenge is the inability to use its battery interchangeably with any other model that uses the 40V battery. But the product is lightweight and easy to carry around, clearing the bushes.

After purchase, the item was shipped in two days, and I used it after a few minutes of assembling. It worked marvelously on a tree that had fallen on the fence. It is this first impression that made me believe that all products from the buyer were genuine and durable. The saw is among the best chainsaws for women due to its simplicity of operation. I profoundly recommend the product if you need the one in all cutting solution. It will go beyond your expectations.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful battery
  • The battery is not compatible with all G-Max products

5. Sun Joe  8-Inch – Chainsaw for Limbing

In case you are looking for a good chainsaw for backyard tasks, then this is the product to purchase. The 8-inch saw is made for cutting small logs and clearing thick bushes.

The machine is powerful for all the tasks, it is built to undertake. You can quickly transform the device into either a chain or a pole saw. Its height is adjustable to help you cut long and hanging branches that would be hard to reach using the standard chainsaw. The lightweight feature enables you to work for quite a long time without getting tired.

Unlike the other saws that need a long hour of oiling and lubrication, this machine is automated for the same. Oiling can also get messy and washing it off might be irritating, and therefore a chance not to get into contact with oil should come as a great advantage. The machine costs less than you can imagine. It is high quality, and that is supported by the two-year guaranty the seller gives.

Overworking the item on massive logs will be the only thing that makes it get damaged fast. But if you use it in cutting lighter trunks and branches, you will have a service you would never regret. The machine being cordless ensures you press a start button, and it powers up immediately. It is smoke-free and produces minimal noise. I would highly recommend the tool to anyone who dreams of a low-cost machine with endless benefits. But remember to use it on light logs. In case you are working on thick woods of above 7.5 inches, then consider buying a larger saw.

  • Easily convertible to reach high hanging branches
  • Cordless
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Only ideal for cutting thin logs of up to 7.5 inches

6. Remington RM1425 – Best 14-inch Chainsaw

The electric-powered chainsaw is ideal for cutting small limbs. Even though it is not convertible, the long bar and 6-pound weight will help you reach those dangerously hanging branches and avert the risk they pose.

I have been using this good chainsaw for more than a month. After using it on cutting a hanging branch at my workplace, a neighbor passed by and couldn’t help staring at how simple the work looked. He asked me if I could help him in cutting a dangerously hanging branch over his roof. It was something I was hesitant to do, as I was no pro in using the chainsaw. In no less than 20 minutes, the danger was averted, and we were cleaning the compound off the leaves than had fell.

So far, I haven’t had any functionality issues with the machine. It is super-fast and versatile in cutting thin logs. I hated the idea of owning a corded tool as cord pulling was somewhat disgusting. Those machines fail to start, especially when the engine is cold. They go off once it overheats, and this will disrupt your workflow.

It was not until I purchased a machine that I learned that when made in good quality, corded tools can work wonders. A single pull and the device is up and running. There is also a push start button, but it is for automatic lubrication. The engine is well protected from dust accumulation, thus preventing regular powering off.

Chain adjustment takes a fraction of your time. You do not need to have an assembling guide as the machine is delivered completely assembled. Buy the product at the lowest cost possible only at Amazon. I can assure you that the device will live beyond your expectations.

No products found.

  • Easily affordable
  • Automated lubrication
  • Durable
  • Well suited for small tasks
  • Chain falls off and loosens easily if not well assembled

7. DEWALT DCCS620P1 – Best 12 inch Chainsaw

Powered by a 20V lion battery, a day’s work without recharging is incoming. This electric chainsaw is a must-have for all home or back yard utilities. There is no noise produced, enabling you to undertake your work at home without causing a disturbance.

The machine is a real monster in backyard operations. It is among the best Max products I have used. The first compelling feature is the ability to use Max batteries in over 180 products. I do not need to buy extra batteries. In the event, the cell is using runs out while working. I do not need to recharge immediately as I can use a variety of other products in-store.

The machine powers up in seconds and runs for hours without stopping. I could hardly remember to do oil refilling as I had continuously worked on the item for so long. The 12-inch bar makes cutting down and sectioning a 10-inch thick tree enjoyable. I love the quietness of its operation.

Electric machines are eco-friendly as they produce the least pollution. The pre-sharpened chain ensures complete swiftness in cutting and sectioning hard and high fibrous trees.

I have enjoyed every moment spent using this little monster. I suggest you buy the item and save on the cost of hiring loggers for small tasks that you can easily undertake. For loggers, this is the best chance to maximize profit as the machine maintenance cost approaches zero.

  • Suitable for small to above average logs
  • Quiet
  • Long-lasting and powerful battery
  • Easy to power on
  • Has a problem with oil leakage

8. BLACK+DECKER PHS550B 3.4 Amp Powered Handsaw with Storage

The handsaw is well built and sturdy. It is ideally suited to cut woods, plastics, and non-ferrous metals. It is electric powered and a one in all solution for endless indoor and outdoor cutting requirements.

Powered by a potent 3.4 amp motor, this makes it a perfect fit for hard material cutting. The robust blade is well sharpened to give an experience of a lifetime. The machine is simple to operate. You do not need expertise in handsaw handling to be able to use it. You are only required to take caution as the sharp blade can cause severe bodily harm if not well managed.

It is lightweight, and being electric ensures minimal noise production. The handles are comfortable to grip for an enjoyable cutting. The only challenge with the handsaw is the need for regular sharpening for easier metal cutting. You also need to keep the saw and blade in dry places to prevent them from rusting.

The product is protected by a two-year guaranty period. I would not like to say that the item is cheap as many people tend to be less favored by the term. But its cost favors the tightest spending limit, and the quality supports the most challenging task you will subject the machine.

  • Ideal for cutting both metal and wood
  • Easily affordable
  • Electric and cordless
  • Requires regular sharpening

9. Husqvarna 16 Inch – Best Gas Chainsaw for Home Use

The machine is gas-powered, lightweight, and easy to use. It is more than you need for home use. Loggers can easily use the tool, as it is well suited for massive tree felling and sectioning. It is ideal for full production giving you more than you could wish for at an affordable cost.

The 16-inch bar makes the machine suitable to cut over 18 inch thick trees without any problem. I have to admit that you need some bit of expertise when handling the device as it is bigger than the previously reviewed items. I have been using this machine for three months, and it is a real monster in all works it’s directed. It is powered by a 40cc two-cycle engine for performance never seen before. I regret not having purchased the machine early enough.

The side located oil and fuel tanks are well sealed to prevent leakage. Lubricating the chain and bar on this machine is automated to give a fluid workflow. The chainsaw has the necessary power for maximum operation.

Chain adjustment is no longer a problem. I have to admit that the product is spectacular in almost every work it does. The only challenge is the way it is corded, and at times, you can pull the string for quite a while before powering on. Being gas powered makes it produce smoke, and it is very noisy.

I would recommend the item to loggers as the product is powerful enough to clear a forest. The product is too good and a bit expensive to use for small backyard tasks.

  • Ideal for huge cutting tasks
  • Powerful engine
  • Durable
  • Noisy
  • Produces smoke

10. Yiilove COOCHEER 58CC Green – Home Petrol Chainsaw

This is a powerful chainsaw with a 58cc fuel capacity. Its high cc only guarantees increased power and not excess fuel consumption. The product is regulated to minimize fuel consumption for more effective use.

These are the main features of the product:

  • Power. The machine has all the power you require. The 20-inch bar gives you the ability to cut down an entire forest. The size of the log doesn’t matter anymore given the strength of the machine in hand.
  • Quick startup. It is incorporated with the latest quick startup technology for reliable operation. It has made pulling to start incredibly effortless.
  • The machine is made of hard and sturdy materials to ensure durability.
  • Safety of activity. The handle is well cushioned to protect you from flying debris. It has a sturdy and comfortable grip for effective operation.

The product is of high quality and portable. This is by far the best chainsaw to use for more complex operations. The challenge is the way it is gas-powered thus produces smoke, which can be repulsive to someone. The considerable high noise it makes is also a drawback but not enough to require ear protective gear. I would highly recommend the item to professional loggers and to anyone who needs a machine for many more substantial tasks.

No products found.

  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Extremely powerful
  • Easy to startup
  • Noisy
  • Gas-powered

What Is the Best Chainsaw for Homeowners?

Well, the question can only be answered by first identifying your intended purpose of purchase and the amount you are willing to spend. I will give you the three best picks of the saws based on:

  • Effectiveness;
  • Cost;
  • The intended use.

In case you need a powerful machine for felling acres of dense and hardwood trees, the Yiilove COOCHEER Chainsaw Gasoline Upgraded 58CC Green is the monster chainsaw you need beside you. Its big size and yet lightweight will fit in the budget of a professional logger.

The best match between high quality and low cost is the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw. It has all the power you need for all backyard tasks. The price is average and the quality miles above average.

If you do not want to spend much and still get the right chainsaw for small branch cutting, the Remington RM1425 Lightweight Electric Chainsaw will service you to your expectations. The affordable cost is the most compelling reason to purchase the item.

For proper use of a chainsaw at home, you need to pay attention to high-quality oil for a chainsaw and choose a sharpener for a chainsaw. This will extend the use of your saw for years to come.

As I wind up, I hope you will find your favorite among these best chainsaws for home use reviews. What is your preferred chainsaw? Do you like noisy or quiet ones?

I’m Ronnie Collins. I’ve been passionate about gardening and woodworking all my life and even earned an MS degree in Botany from the University of Maryland. I’ve been working at a gardening company for a while, so I know the ropes about a whole lot of dedicated equipment such as the table saw, track saw, lawnmowers, chainsaws, garden hoses, and much more.

  1. I have Sun Joe chainsaw similar to the one mentioned above, but mine is only 6.5 amp. Though I agree it’s the best small chainsaw for limbing and cutting thin logs. But I’m a bit disappointed that I needed to buy a longer blade for cutting some thicker logs.

  2. Nice list, as always. I would add that Cordless DEWALT saw is the best small chainsaw for home use. Period. It’s really efficient when it comes to cutting trees and bushes in your backyard because it’s lightweight and compact. Though you really should pay attention to an oil tank, as you mentioned.

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