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Duromax XP4850EH Review & Summary
DuroMax XP4850EH Portable Generator

Product Name:Duromax XP4850EH
Product Description: This is a dual fuel 4.850W hybrid propane/gasoline generator with a power of 4.8 kilowatt, which is enough for many home appliances and tools. The generator model has an electric starter, so you can start the engine with a single button. Due to the hybrid use of propane and gasoline, its fuel consumption is significantly lower than that of diesel or gasoline models.

I have been comparing different models of generators for a long time to choose the best one for my house. In this Duromax XP4850EH review, I would like to describe a popular and very user-friendly generator from this American manufacturer.

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The Duromax XP4850EH natural gas & gasoline generator has a long service life. The engineers of the American company have used several technological novelties in the development of this model. For example, the robust metal frame is equipped with four engine mountings that dampen the vibration. Some engine elements are made of natural cast iron, which also extends the service life. This generator is very convenient, as it allows you to charge the batteries separately with a socket of 12 volts. And the big and soft wheels with a handy handle on the frame make it easy to transport the generator from one place to another. You don’t have to pull the cord to start the engine, as the generator has a start button.

Overall, Duromax XP4850EH is a very economical and environmentally friendly 4.850 Watt natural gas & gasoline generator. It may be one of the best generators in terms of price, quality, and economy.

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The generator isn’t too loud, thanks to the muffling system. Its casing is made from the long-lasting cast iron that securely protects its engine from external damage or overheats and guarantees a long and productive lifespan.

Handling the generator isn’t difficult as it’s fully mobile thanks to its wheels. Loading the oil tank up may seem a bit of a hassle at first, but after some practice, it stops being a problem. And the overall efficiency totally pays off — DuroMax XP4850EH is a solid investment.

About the DuroMax XP4850EH

Our appliance of the day, the DuroMax dual fuel 4,850w hybrid propane/gasoline generator is a worthy option if you need a compact and transportable, easy-to-use, and relatively affordable source of power that is always at your disposal.

I really appreciate its duality, since you never know when you can run into gas scarcity. Or maybe prosaic costliness like in Washington, Delaware, or California where gas prices are always atrocious.

Meanwhile, propane seems to be a wiser deal from the financial point of view. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly than other mainstream fuels: it doesn’t cause much dangerous contamination, according to the Clean Air Act (1990).

So, the heart of DuroMax is a generator that starts up at 4,850 watts and continues to function confidently at 3,850 watts.

The fuel capacity is pretty potent here. You can feed this little beast with almost 4 gallons of gasoline or 20 gallons of propane. This disparity is possible because propane has fewer British thermal units than gasoline.

The generator is driven by a 7HP engine. It has a 208cc size and a 3600 RPM speed, which is enough to guarantee a stable power supply.

This energy, when coupled together with the wattage, can fuel the house and garage lights, a refrigerator, well pump, air-conditioning unit, or such power tools as a corded-electric chainsaw in an improvised workshop amidst the wood.

Besides, there are DC charging cables in the package. The Duromax 4850 hybrid generator manual says that its max voltage is 120V. That means that you can also reanimate a dead car battery in case of emergency and resume your journey!

The supporting architecture is also praiseworthy. There is a heavy-duty metal frame reinforced with four-point rubber mounts. And the engine is shielded with iron sleeves.

This both provides a longer lifespan of the device and less acoustic nuisance. Its maximum noise level is 69 Dbs, which can be compared to the background music in a café or a normal conversation.

The wheels and the handle kit go in tandem and make the gadget super mobile. Although the entire contraption weighs about 57 kilograms (127 lbs), it won’t prevent you from easily relocating it from one part of your yard to another at any time.

Operating the thingy isn’t a challenge either. We have here both the electric and recoil start-up options. In other words, you can pull the rope or push the button if you lack strength for today. This power beast will begin gently purring either way.

To control the process closely, you can refer to its voltmeter. There’s a circuit breaker that will interrupt the electricity flow in case it peaks way too high — no damage will be done to your gadget! Plus, there’s an advance warning light for more safety.

DuroMax XP4850EH run time on propane is impressive: 20 hours of uninterrupted work. Although, I recommend you keep it running that long only in case of a real emergency. As you know, small generators do not handle long and frequent marathons that well.

As for the gasoline run time, it’s a bit shorter. With the 50% load capacity, 4 gallons will suffice you for about 8 hours of uninterrupted work. Still pretty impressive, considering that some rival models show worse results than DuroMax.

About Champion Power Equipment 76533

Another portable generator, Champion also feeds on two fuels: gasoline and propane. And you can switch between them with a fuel selector at any moment. We have here a buzzing 224cc motor and a standard wattage of 3,800W. (With a 4,275W starting power).

With these specs, Champion can feed any appliance: from a fridge to a “15k BTU air conditioner”, according to the manufacturer. And its tank can swallow 3,4 gallons of gasoline that will last you for 8-9 hours with a 50% load.

When charged with liquid propane, Champion can supply you with juice for 10,5 hours straight at a 50% load. But to achieve that, you need to fill up the 20-pound tank to the brims.

Another likable feature is so-called Intelligence. It is a built-in monitoring system that lets you keep an eye on voltage, hours of runtime, and hertz rate. Besides, there’s a low-oil shut-off feature that prevents mechanical damage.

Speaking of damage. Champion is a non-inverter generator, which means that it produces periodic spikes in the electric flow. Potentially these spikes may destroy your devices. But Champion is equipped with a Volt Guard, which protects your electronics from burning to ashes.

As for the rest, it is a worthy opponent to DuroMax. It’s not very loud: with 69 Dbs it can be compared to a working vacuum cleaner in your parlor.

It’s pretty compact — 26.3 x 24.8 x 22.9 inches. It weighs just 122 pounds. And there are three outlet types: TT-30R, L5-30R, and two 5-20Rs.

About DuroStar DS4850EH

DuroStar belongs to the cohort of compact power generators. On the plate, we have 120V, the standard 4,850-3,850 wattage, and a humming 208cc engine. This technical architecture is crowned with a fuel tank that can store 3,96 gallons.

Just like the two previous models, it’s also a hybrid generator that guzzles gasoline and liquid propane. At a 50% load, DuroStar can work for 9 hours on propane and 9-10 hours on gasoline.

There’s also a conventional startup system here. To make that beast purr, you can either pull-start it or simply push the button and spare your muscles some effort. And once it’s in the action mode, it hits the level noise of 69 Dbs — as most same-sized generators do.

There’s a tidy control panel that informs you of how high the voltage gets, how much gas there’s left, and also you’ll be alerted if the oil level hits the critical mark. It’s all about safety!

Besides, like Champion and DuroMax, this model is enhanced with a circuit breaker. Should a dangerous electric surge appear, DuroStar will cease operating to protect your domestic gadgets?

All in all, it’s a pretty satisfying model. You can rely on DuroStar anytime. And it can do basically everything that DuroMax can. But what I find a bit discouraging is that it has a higher price and also a bigger weight: 132 pounds (almost 60 kg).

DuroMax XP4850EH Specs

And here are the detailed technical specs of the generator:

Product InformationDetails
Voltage32.08A / 16.04A
Power7 hp
Fuel typePropane/gasoline
Engine volume208 cc
Noise level 69 dB
Operation on gasoline, hours (at 50% load)10,4
Operation on propane, hours (at 50% load)8,9
Sizes24” х 17”х 17”
Maximum load4,8 kW
Optimal load3,6 kW

Note: This DuroMax generator is certified by EPA and CARB. But it has no CSA certificate at the moment.

DuroMax XP4850EH vs. Champion 76533

But wait: what if we compare this generator to some rival models? First, let’s see how it will show itself in the DuroMax vs Champion generator standoff.

Champion Power Equipment, Inc is located in Santa Fe Springs, California. And they intend to “provide technological innovations in the form of durable and reliable power equipment”. Their other products include log splitters, tillers, snowblowers, and other handy tools.

So, Champion Power 76533 generator is almost neck and neck with DuroMax. On the menu, we have pretty similar tech pecs:

  • Voltage: 120.
  • Wattage: 3,800.
  • Dimensions: 26.3 x 24.8 x 22.9 inches.

Plus, Champion can also subsist on two fuel types: gasoline and propane. The Champion’s engine is also mighty with its size of 224cc.

It is a great solution should a power shortage catch you off guard. Besides, I like its mobility: never-flat tires with 8-inch diameter and nice handles make it pretty easy to move its 122 lbs (55 kilos) around.

Considering that it can swallow up to 3,4 gallons of gasoline, it can provide your house with electricity for about 8-9 hours a day. But again. It wasn’t designed to work that intensely all year round — small generators aren’t that workaholic.

It has the same noise level as Duromax with 68-69 Dbs. And basically the same operational mechanisms. We have a circuit breaker, voltage, and hertz monitoring system, as well as multiple outlets, including 5-20R for domestic appliances.

All in all, this champion fully deserves its title, which it can defend with ease. But while its impressive characteristics are basically identical to DuroMax, Champion can also rarely be found in stock. Alas.

DuroMax XP4850EH vs. Durostar DS4850EH

In this round, we’ll see a DuroStar vs DuroMax clash. DuroStar belongs to DuroMax Power, which is a different brand located in Ontario, California that makes engines, pumps, connectors, and so on.

DuroStar DS4850EH is a nice and neat portable generator that works fine for RV-travelling, sudden blackouts, local force majeure cases, open-air festivals, massive BBQ parties, and so forth.

In the package, we have a generator compatible with both gasoline and propane. The stable wattage is 3,850W, with the startup peak of 4,850W. In this aspect, it’s like an exact clone of DuroMax.

The engine is also a photo-copy with the size of 208cc and a 7 horsepower rate. Oh, and there’s an automatic shutoff that triggers instantly once the oil level gets low — a pretty cool safety measure!

This beast can be filled with 3,96 gallons of gasoline. With that fuel in its metal stomach, DuroStar can run for 8 uninterrupted hours.

And if you switch to propane, you’ll get 9 hours of honest, back-sweating work. That’s according to the manual. Users report that it can be extended to as much as 15 hours of work!

Just like DuroMax, the gadget in question has a dual startup system: pull or push. You can either do it mechanically and pull-start the thing or hit the button to get the engines going. The electric starter feeds on a separate battery.

The noise level here is also 69 Dbs at about a 25-feet distance or less. We also get 3 outlets, a mini-dashboard with a voltmeter and a fuel gauge, and the standard 120V.

All in all, DuroStar DS4850EH is a good workhorse. It can help you out in many critical situations. But while mimicking DuroMax’s specs, it costs almost twice as much. Plus, it’s the heaviest generator of all three with 132 pounds (59 kilos).


For me, the main advantage of Duromax XP4850EH is its dual anatomy. You’ll be able to both save a couple of bucks on cheaper fuel and get a longer run-time by switching from gasoline to propane!

I also like its clever construction. We have here a powerful engine with a 3,850W output. There’s a mechanism that prevents short-circuiting. And don’t forget the whole arsenal of accessories, including the DC cables that literally can be a life-saver at times.

I also appreciate its versatility. DuroMax is a reliable partner to cover your back in any scenario: a sudden hurricane ravaging the electricity lines, a recreational vehicle trip, or a job site somewhere in the cold woods where a mug of hot coffee would help you stay sane.

For its price and efficiency, this little fella is a miracle-worker. Probably this is why most of the DuroMax XP4850EH hybrid reviews are quite favorable. And if you try yourself, there may be one enthusiastic review more.


Most of the small power generators share the same drawbacks and flaws. And Duromax XP4850EH is no exception. I’m talking about its limited longevity. Probably, this is why this model is covered by just a one-year factory warranty.

Although it’s made from durable materials that do their best at increasing the lifespan of the generator, it won’t be able to handle intensive day to day working. So, your best tactic is to turn it on when it’s really needed.

Second, although it’s a small generator, it’s still pretty heavy. Getting this beast in the van, RV or SUV could be a hassle, especially solo. At least, a set of wheels and handles provide you with full control over DuroMax, once it’s on the ground.

I reckon, in the long run, DuroMax will pay off many times. Especially, if you live in a stormy area like Apalachicola or New Mexico’s Clayton. And where power shortages due to hurricanes aren’t a rarity at all.


DuroMax XP4850EH Portable Generator GreenAt this point, you may have a few extra questions about DuroMax.

What is DuroMax XP4850EH run time on propane?

As I’ve said, this DuroMax model can work in a non-stop mode for almost 20 hours. But I’d compare this functioning to a marathon run. Can you jog like 42 kilometers? Probably, you can. But are you ready to do it every single day?

In the normal situation, DuroMax is best to be limited to 10 hours of work on propane and 8 hours on gasoline. This will let you reduce your fuel bill, produce fewer emissions, and preserve the longevity of the gadget.

Do I need to use the regulator/hose provided?

Well, yes. These two pieces are kind of integral to successful work. Besides, the safety measures dictate to use them as well.

If you didn’t know, the automatic voltage regulator or AVR maintains output terminal voltage at the set rate. For example, if the operating temperature changes, AVR will do its best to correct the field current by increasing/decreasing the flow that goes to the exciter stator.

The generator hose allows you to fill up the fuel tank. But remember: if you prefer liquid propane to gasoline, you may need a longer 5-feet hose that can be used with the low-pressure gas application.

Can you use synthetic oil with DuroMax XP4850EH?

Yes, you can. There’s basically little difference between synthetic and mineral oils as both are lubricants that keep the engine parts running. In fact, synthetic oil is a bit better, as its molecular structure is more stable when thermal changes occur. And it also provides less friction.

But you need to get a bit persnickety. Trust only those brands that have a reputation to keep, like Honda, Husqvarna, Shell, and others. Less-known brands may offer a product of lower quality, which may not be biodegradable, unlike high-quality synthetic oil.

What is needed to safely run electronics with this generator?

So, you know that this DuroMax model produces a voltage output of 120V. The engine size is 208cc with a functioning speed of 3,600 RPM.

This, in turn, causes the so-called momentary fluctuations, aka harmonic distortion. It is a natural phenomenon that every small non-inverter generator is known for. And yes, they can be dangerous to your domestic appliances, but…

Luckily, DuroMax XP4850EH is equipped with an Over Current Protection Device (OCPD). Should a critical surge in voltage occur, the circuit breaker will react momentarily and shut the whole thing down. So, both the generator and your electronics will be okay.

For more safety, you can use a surge protector to power your gadgets. This is a protector that also detects unwanted voltage surges and then literally tells the electricity excess This way, pal! redirecting it to the ground wire. But first, you need to make sure that:

  • The surge protector is connected to an outlet.
  • The outlet has a grounding pin.

Besides, the life of a surge protector is bright but short. There’s a limited amount of joules it can devour — the highest value is 2,000 joules. So, replacing a surge protector every 2 years would be a great idea.

Can you run two generators in parallel?

Yes, paralleling two generators is actually a thing. This way you can double the energy supply. But there are some nuances to consider before doing that.

Both generators must have identical surge and running wattage. In the case of DuroMax XP4850EH, it’s 4,850W and 3,850W, respectively. If they don’t match, this will provide unsymmetrical wattage that can potentially damage the device that you’re feeding.

Ideally, you’d better use two DuroMax XP4850EH units at once. The same rule applies to all other brands and models: they should match! In return, you’ll get a more effective substitute for a bigger power generator. First, they are easier to relocate. Second, they are cheaper.

Power to the max with Duromax!

DuroMax XP4850EH natural gas power generator is known for its dualistic design. It works both on liquid propane and gasoline just fine. Made by DuroPower, a company from Covina, California, this little beast offers reliable performance and decent fuel efficiency.

We have here a clever architecture, a pretty low noise level, an in-built safety mechanism, impressive longevity, durable materials, and the running energy output of 3,850 watts.

And for the dessert, DuroPower provides a one-year warranty. So, don’t worry if you’ll suddenly have to deal with DuroMax XP4850EH troubleshooting. Plus, there’s an EPA certificate, which allows using the generator in every state across the country: from Alabama to Wyoming.

So, this little guy is perfect for any major situation. The hurricane Irma has returned to demolish the electricity lines? A vagabond raccoon decided to get a bite of the wiring in your transformer? DuroMax XP4850EH will preserve civilization in the parlor of your house.

This sums up my DuroMax generator review. This surely is a worthy model to keep in your garage or tool shed just in case. It will be a good helper on a trip, during a power outage or at a work site. Considering its reliability, DuroMax delivers a great bang for the buck.

How often do you deal with blackouts in your area? What do you think of this power generator? Do you prefer gasoline or propane? Let us know in the comments!

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