Best Electric Leaf Blower: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Hello, dear readers! I guess you got here while looking for electric lawn blowers, didn’t you?

Since I’ve also reviewed my own garden cleaning equipment recently, I’m going to help you. To clean the garden or the lawn, you will need a powerful electric leaf blower.

When buying it, you should pay attention to several important factors, including productivity and power. Blowers are the most popular devices for cleaning areas from fallen leaves, and electric ones are becoming more and more trendy every day.

If we consider the classification of electric lawn blowers, it may seem that there are too many of them. Electric models are the most massive handheld blowers, which have several advantages over gasoline options.

There is a number of criteria that will help you choose the right electric blower. Which type of tool to choose depends on your task. The vacuum cleaner is designed to collect a relatively small amount of dry foliage from the tracks.

However, many models combine all possible functions. Choosing a proper electric garden blower shouldn’t be a complex task to accomplish, so let’s examine what criteria are important and how to find the best electric leaf blower for your garden.

How to Choose Electric Lawn Blowers: Check the Most Popular Deals

When buying a garden leaf blower, you need to consider not only its main characteristics but also your needs. If you know exactly what you are looking for, then I suggest you take a look at the list of tools and electric leaf blower reviews provided here. These products can become reliable assistants in cleaning your garden or lawn.

Toro 51619 – Top Pick

If you are tired of dealing with fruit trees, flower petals, and leaves on your lawn, garden, or terrace, the Toro electric leaf blower with vacuum function will be a perfect solution. This product is the best for effortless cleaning, and it helps to get rid even of wet foliage in hard-to-reach places.

With the help of this handheld electric blower, you can easily clean the garden, backyard, lawn, etc. Blow off foliage, grass, and another garden waste with one touch. The tool creates and maintains a powerful airflow to provide the best effect.

With 3 functions and a large waste bag, the device is conveniently operated with a switch that allows you to activate the suction and blowing modes individually or in combination. At the same time, the speed controller provides a flexible change of the airflow. The metal impeller provides amazing mulching and helps to get rid of more than 88% debris.

This handheld electric blower is also easy to store. Toro 51619 is a versatile garden tool that works not only as a leaf blower, but can also be used as a vacuum and mulcher. But since it’s a budget model, it lacks a couple of comfort features that more expensive models provide. So, if you need a powerful blower for a fair price, I recommend trying this product.

  • Easy storage;
  • 3-in-1 tool;
  • Lightweight.
  • Not found.


This Black and Decker electric leaf blower is a battery-powered blower designed for small gardens. The device is cordless and does not require using gas. The fully-charged battery lasts for half an hour of work, which is not that good. However, this blower is lightweight and weighs 5.4 pounds.

This is probably the lightest option in comparison to other average leaf blowers I have rated on this list. Therefore, you can use this blower for the full 30 minutes without being tired.

The Black & Decker electric blower is equipped with handles and anti-vibration features, making it easy and comfortable to use. The total length of this leaf blower is 37 inches, and it’s completely easy to store. This also helps to put the nozzle close enough to the ground for efficient debris and leaves cleaning.

Although its top airspeed of 120 mph is lagging behind the competition, it shows better results when it overcomes the distance by which it can throw a pile of debris over 17 feet. The highest airspeed I saw was 250 miles per hour, and the farthest thrust distance was 18 feet. Therefore, this option is totally worth your attention.

  • Lightweight and compact design;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Vacuum and blowing options.
  • It lasts only for 30 minutes of work.


The Dewalt electric leaf blower was designed to become your indispensable cleaning assistant. This option works only as a leaf blower and provides a strong airstream. Although there are no vacuum and mulching functions in this product, it doesn’t make it less worthy.

The device produces a powerful airflow that allows you to collect garbage in one pile. This blower has an ergonomic design and low weight, which is perfect for a quality cleaning routine. The tool is equipped with a powerful engine that runs on a battery.

The DEWALT 20V is a lightweight, efficient, and durable tool. Due to the brushless motor technology, the blower doesn’t cause extra vibrations and feels probably imperceptible in your hand. Another perk of this blower is that you get 400 CFM and 90 MPH performance for a fair price.

The device is intended for processing small and medium-sized garden plots and house adjoining territories. The electric motor is environmentally friendly and does not create harmful exhausts and fumes. The airstream can be easily regulated by a switch located on the case.

  • Simple design;
  • Works best for small lawns and gardens;
  • Powerful airstream.
  • No extra functions like mulching.

Greenworks BA40L210 40V

This Greenworks electric garden blower and vacuum is designed for cleaning areas from dry leaves, dust, and other debris. It combines 2 functions and works as an air blower and a garden vacuum cleaner with a mulching function.

This device has a powerful electric motor, but it works almost noiselessly. The steel impeller has a long-term service life, and it’s more reliable than the brushed models. The blower has an airspeed regulator and speeds up to 115MPH. Please note that, compared to other manufacturers, Greenworks provides an extended 2-years warranty for garden equipment.

Unlike gasoline tools, this product is relatively lightweight, doesn’t cause vibrations, and is an almost ultra-quiet leaf blower. This blower doesn’t require more effort and actually needs little thrust from the operator. This effect makes it easier to operate the blower and reduces the strain on the operator’s hand.

The unit is equipped with a comfortable handle, thanks to which the operator can always take a convenient position and not overstrain the muscles during work. In addition, the battery charges quite fast, so you don’t have to wait for ages to clean your site. This Greenworks product does not poison the environment and your health with CO2 emissions.

  • Environmental friendly;
  • Lightweight and easy to use;
  • Very fast.
  • A little pricey.


This is an excellent solution for people who are tired of removing leaves, branches, and small debris with a rake. Want to make this process as easy as possible? I recommend trying the WORX tool.

As many garden keepers and house owners already know, blowing is the easiest and most effective way to clean the site quickly and easily. From my personal experience, I can surely say that a WORX electric leaf blower can become your perfect tool to deal with cleaning. This electric blower is a powerful and easy-to-use electric garden blower vacuum cleaner. This tool is great for blowing, collecting, and mulching leaves in your garden.

Switching from blower mode to vacuum cleaner mode is quick and easy thanks to the unique function. If you want to make your site look really attractive and this is your first time buying a blower, you have to try this one. The simple and ergonomic design ensures noise-free operation and easy carrying.

Need to do a quick cleaning up? Just switch the mode to the vacuum cleaner and proceed with the routine. The tube design is convenient to reach different hard-to-get places. In addition, the tool is very ergonomic and can be stored easily as well.

  • Easy to operate;
  • Powerful mulching function;
  • Switching with one touch.
  • It discharges quickly.

Sun Joe SBJ603E-SJB Vac/Mulcher/Blower

Sun Joe is a popular tool among many house owners. I’ve also used this blower for some time, and I admit it’s really amazing. I also like its quality/price ratio. Sun Joe’s SBJ603E-SJB tool is featured on this list because you get three powerful options in a single instrument. It offers a strong motor and decent airspeed for leaf blowing and mulching. Using such a blower, you can clean the garden and use mulched grass as a fertilizer.

You’ll get a small and handy tool that also comes with a 12-gallon collection bag. No doubt, this makes the Sun Joe option stand out from all other blowers on the market. This blower has a cruise control function and an adjustable speed controller attached to the soft-grip handle.

These features, along with anti-vibration, reduce muscle fatigue and improve comfort while working. The blower comes with a two-year warranty, so your purchase is risk-free. Switching between the modes is extremely easy, and along with 6 adjustable speeds, this tool is an amazing option for buying.

  • Easy to use;
  • 3 modes, 6 speeds, and a 12-gallon bag;
  • Affordable price.
  • Not so lightweight as you might expect.

KIMO 20V Lithium 2-in-1 Sweeper/Vacuum

The KIMO sweeper is ​​designed for blowing leaves, grass, and garden debris without extra efforts. The high performance of the unit allows you to cope with the relevant tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The tool is equipped with turbofans and a potent motor to provide the best electric garden blower effect.

The design of the blower also makes it easy to hold it with one hand. It is quite easy to operate and switch between the modes, so you don’t have to be an experienced electric blower user.

As for the equipment, the blower is supplied without batteries and charging. By the way, it takes only sixty minutes for the tool to be powered completely. The KIMO Lithium blower is a reliable tool made by a small manufacturer

However, you shouldn’t be afraid of the product’s quality, since the amount of positive reviews speaks for it very well. The only disadvantage I found in this item is that it works only 30 minutes cord-free.

  • Simple and straightforward design of the tool;
  • Suitable for cleaning cars;
  • Fast charging.
  • Only thirty minutes of working cordless.

LiTHELi 40V Electric Leaf Blower

The brand LiTHELi has designed this 40V 480CFM 92MPH blower to clean the house area from dust, debris, or fallen leaves quickly and easily. This model also lacks vacuum and mulching functions but still has its advantages.

First of all, the device is equipped with a fairly powerful brushless electric motor that is comparable to gasoline, yet environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a tool with high performance and power, the LiTHELi 40V is a remarkable choice. Its long warranty testifies to the company’s confidence in this product. However, it lacks versatility and won’t let you vacuum the leaves.

Along with simple operation and powerful motor, the item is also lightweight and quite easy to carry. Using it, you can easily clean the terrace from a thin layer of snow, fallen leaves, or small twigs. At the same time, the device is distinguished by low noise and is lightweight, thus turning your work into a pleasant walk. It will greatly simplify your life and save time.

  • Straightforward design;
  • High performance;
  • Extremely powerful.
  • Has only one function.

Buyer’s Guide for Getting the Best Electric Garden Blower

I bet you might still have questions about how to choose a proper option for an electric blower. Should you get a cordless blower? What is the best-corded leaf blower? I’ll get you covered.

What you need to know before buying an electric leaf blower?

An electric garden blower is a tool that can easily replace all common rakes and brooms. The vacuum function turns the blower into a garden vacuum cleaner for collecting debris and leaves. And in addition to this, there’s also a mulching function for the best cleaning effect.

The best leaf blowers offer variable speeds, high performance, and durability. The vacuum function that isn’t always present can be very useful as well. If the blower has a vacuum function, check the collecting bag and additional nozzles.

If you choose an electric yard blower, you must either remember to charge the battery before use (if it has a battery) or, for corded models, find the unit with a wire that will give you the best access to your yard. Think about whether the cord may be entangled during the process.

If you prefer full control over the speed of leaf blowers and have a large area to cover, choose a device that offers significant power and maneuverability. If you have a smaller yard and plan to carry out simple cleaning only occasionally, it will work well with compact and handy blowers.

What’s the best brand leaf blower to buy?

I am sure that some of the best blower brands I have used in my landscape business are Toro, Husqvarna, Greenworks, and Stihl. As for today, I’d recommend giving the Toro 51619 ultra electric blower a try since it has the best quality/price ratio. At the same time, small Dewalt and Sun Joe electric leaf blowers are also among my favorites. However, the choice is always yours.

What is the best electric leaf blower?

I have used and reviewed a bunch of qualitative gas and electric leaf blowers. In my opinion, the criterion of how far a blower can move a bunch of sawdust or lawn residues, such as grass cuttings or leaves, is one of the most important things to focus on. The best blowers can blow the debris at a distance of more than 17 feet. The more powerful the blower is, the easier it will be to clean the garbage from your backyard or lawn.

How much does a blower cost?

Electric yard blowers, whether battery or corded, are generally more economical and require less maintenance. They are also less powerful than gasoline ones, but it doesn’t mean they’re of poor quality. Most top-rated electric blowers cost between 110 and 180 dollars. Electric blowers are better to use for light cleanings in small yards.



Greenworks 40V Electric Leaf

Do you still have any questions about choosing the best electric blower? In this section, I’ve collected some answers for your convenience.

How to use an electric leaf blower?

Electric blowers are convenient for working on a small yard territory, for example, in summer cottages. The unit includes a convenient handle-holder, and in some models, there is also an adjustable strap that helps to carry the device. This tool is lightweight and small in size. Before using, you have to make sure if the blower is charged enough to operate. Turn the device on and choose the needed mode. After that, you can clean your lawn or garden.

The garden blower is quite simple. The device consists of a suction nozzle, a container for collecting various debris, and the engine. Garden blowers are amazing assistants not only for cleaning backyards and lawns but also:

  1. Sites;
  2. tracks;
  3. parks;
  4. flower beds.

How does a leaf blower work?

An electric garden blower works quietly and does not pollute the air with exhaust gases. These devices are lighter than gasoline ones and better for small lawns and backyards. Regardless of the type of engine, almost all garden vacuum cleaners can operate in three modes: leaf blower, vacuum, and mulching.

In blower mode, it works as an air broom: it creates a directional airflow that blows all the debris into one pile. In the vacuum mode, all the garbage is removed into a special bag. The third function provides the suction of the leaves and small debris, to grind it using an impeller equipped with knives.

Which is better gas or electric leaf blower?

If you pick an electric option, you have to check the battery before use (to know whether it’s charged enough) or, for wired models, find the outlet that won’t bother you and provide comfortable access to the yard. Another thing to think about before buying is the problem of entangling the cord around objects such as sprinklers and shrubs.

For those, who want more powerful devices for professional use or processing big territory, I’d give the preference to the gas models. However, there are small electric devices that also provide no less efficiency.

Corded or battery-powered electric blower?

There are two types of electric leaf blowers: battery-powered and wired. One of the advantages of battery-powered blowers is that they are portable; they do not require you to be tied to an electrical outlet. On the other hand, it takes hours for a full charge of the battery of these models, and it requires additional storage space for the charger. However, corded models limit the freedom of your movement.

How loud is the blower?

Most blowers are very loud, so it’s important to choose the one that won’t bother you and the neighbors. Although the noise levels are the same for most blowers, there are some quite noiseless models available. The quietest option I have ever used is the Black & Decker LSWV36, which only produces 86.2 decibels.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) recommends wearing hearing protection whenever you hear sounds louder than 85 decibels, so you must wear hearing protection when using any of the offered blowers.

Is an electric garden blower convenient to use?

Most blowers have a convenient grip handle that is made with soft materials to provide comfort and ease the cleaning routine. If you plan on using your blower for several different purposes, look for one with adjustable extension tubes. The overall size of the blower and how easily you can carry it also affect your ability to use it.

All power tools and lawn care machines are no exception and generate vibration. The larger the leaf blower, the more difficult it is to use it for a long period. Anti-vibration technology also contributes to the user`s comfort. Look for blowers with special features that reduce the vibration generated by the machine.

Choosing the Fitting Electric Air Blower for Your Garden

Since using a rake to clean the garden is outdated and tiresome, you have to replace it with modern tools. Manufacturers of garden equipment have developed a special device that is an excellent helper for every gardener and summer resident called the electric garden blower. It significantly simplifies the process of cleaning and helps every house or cottage owner to deal with fallen leaves and debris.

Before purchasing an electric lawn blower, you need to define the goals you are pursuing clearly. Imagine how often you will work with this device. Taking into account the answers received, determine the technical features of the available options, including the weight, power, dimensions, design, and type of engine. After you picked several models, it is better to give preference to proven and well-known manufacturing companies.

In this article, I’ve tried to cover every possible issue about the best-corded leaf blower. Have you already found the best leaf blower vacuum cleaner for your needs? I will be glad if you use my guide to choose a leaf blower. However, if you still have any questions, you may feel free to ask them in the comments section. Do you prefer electric or gasoline blowers? Do you use them only for garden cleaning? Share your experience!

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