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Generac 5939 Review & Buyers Guide


Generac 5939 GP5500 Review & Summary

Product Name: Generac 5939 GP5500

Product Description: This Generac GP5500 review might be helpful for anyone who thinks beforehand about all unpredictable situations, needs to work outside with emergency backup power, wants to save money on the electricity bills, or loves camping. This generator is one of the most reliable tools in my household, and I am here to describe its main benefits, pros, and cons to others. It is a gas-powered tool, so you don’t even have to stay close to your home to power it; just make sure it has a full fuel tank. As a person who constantly works outside the house, I have checked multiple generators, but this one is my favorite because it is not only powerful but also compact and durable.

  • Noise Level

  • Reliability

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About the 5939

I had found numerous Generac portable generator reviews before I ordered it myself. They all were about the reliable engine inside. Now, after several years of use, I can significantly increase any Generac generator’s reviews by 5500 watts. Hopefully, you will find my detailed description helpful to you.


The powerful Generac 5500-watt RV generator handles many hours of work non-stop. It weighs 180 pounds, which is easy to transport because of the two wheels attached to the engine. The whole generator is compact. Its dimensions are: 28.75 inches x 26.75 inches x 25 inches. All the details of the generator are covered with reliable, high-quality metal to prevent it from corrosion and let you work outdoors. As for the fuel tank, it is made for 7.2 gallons and can easily provide 10 hours of work, while being 50 percent loaded.

Noise level

The Generac GP5500 noise level is not as strong as many users worry. Although it makes some noise, you can easily bear it. There are somewhere near 71 Generac GP5500 decibels, so you will hear its work if you are near the generator. However, there are even louder generators on the market.


The affordable price is one of the main Generac GP5500 specs I can’t leave unnoticed. Some generators on the market are even $1000 more expensive than Generac GP 5500. The average cost of the generators is nearly $730. To make it clear, the average cost of such a compact, reliable, and powerful generator on the market is $2000 or more. So, perhaps, you can get used to the one fault of this product, its noise.

Ease of use

Despite being the most powerful tool for its money with an impressive Generac GP5500 oil capacity of 7.2 gallons, it is simple to use. Due to the wheels on both sides of generac, you can transport it over the territory. There are 4 common outlets, and 1 industrial on 120 volts, covered from any weather conditions.

The control panel is simple to understand. Besides, you may use the hour meter that shows when you can use the generator. There is an auto Generac GP5500 oil type shutdown when you run out of oil. You can use the generator right after you fill the fuel tank. To use it, simply turn on the generator. Pick the wire you need and attach the device you want. Normally, we use the Generac generator in such cases:

  • Power outage;
  • Camping;
  • Working outdoors with power tools;
  • To temporarily provide electricity to the house.


Although this model does not have an indicator that shows when it runs out of fuel, the engine stops itself. The hardened steel tube increases durability. The device works over 10 hours before it stops. There is 1 year of full warranty and 3 years of limited warranty.

5939 GP5500 Specs


Features: Numbers:
Running Watts 5500 Watts
Surge Wattage 6875 Watts
Dimensions 28.75 x 26.75 x 25 inches
Weight 171 lbs
Fuel tank capacity 7.2 gallons
Run Time 10 Hours at 1/2 load
Size of hardened steel tube cradle 1 ¼ inch
Additional features Monitor;
Automatic shutdown.

Generac has numerous features that are considered to be advanced for generators. The monitor that reveals the current level of fuel is helpful as well. Despite the heavyweight, it is easy to transport using two wheels from both sides.

Generac vs Champion

Let’s compare two bestsellers on the market. I have used both of these engines myself, and I can easily pick up Generac. However, it is up to you.

Similarities of Generac vs Champion:

  • Champion and Generac have the same power;
  • They have almost the same weight, but Champion is lighter and weighs 162.5 pounds;
  • They both have wheels;
  • Same 120 Voltage;
  • The same warranty period.


  • Champion has dual fuel, runs on propane and gasoline, and contains an oil tank;
  • Generac has parallel capability;
  • Generac has USB ports;
  • Champion has a 74 dBA noise level.

Advantages and disadvantages of Generac GP5500

This is an outstandingly compact and powerful generator, in my opinion. However, to be fair, I have to mention the cons I’ve noticed. It is up to you whether you want to use it or not.


  • The power that guarantees extended hours of work;
  • Simplicity in use;
  • Affordable price;
  • Wheels for comfortable transportation;
  • Compact size.


  • The device is noisy;
  • It does not have a light on the control panel that warns about a lack of fuel.
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Why Generac?

Generac GP5500 is an affordable, simple in use engine with enough power to save you during the electricity shut down, outside work, and camping. It is reliable and works for many hours with the full tank. There are numerous advantages to the generator, but one of my favorites is its transportability.

I hope my detailed review of the product was somehow beneficial for you. If you have used the same generator before, please do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below. What features have you found the most helpful for yourself? Was the noise a problem for you during work?

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Ronnie Collins

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