How to Start Walk-Behind String Trimmer Easily?

If you are a professional or amateur gardener or live in a country house, a weed mower is an essential tool. This handy device will greatly help you facilitate the maintenance of your lawn and keep your site tidy. Proper and careful usage will not only prolong the lifespan of a walk-behind ...

How to String a Walk-Behind Trimmer at Home?

There are two types of walk-behind mowers: the one that works with a blade and the version with the string lines. Both have their own plusses and minuses. String walk-behind trimmers are more durable in most cases. However, their string line may wear out in some time. That’s why you need to know ...

How to Start String Trimmer? – Quick and Easy Manual

If you're just getting started with such incredibly handy garden tools as grass trimmers, it will be useful for you to learn about the peculiarities of their work. These devices are equipped with gas or electric engines. While corded or battery-powered models are fairly easy to turn on, ...

How to Replace Trimmer Line? – Helpful Details

If you are searching for how to replace the trimmer line, you may need to change the string already, since your lawnmower does not work. Some people prefer to ask for professional help, but not everyone has experienced gardeners among their friends. Luckily for you, there are numerous instructions ...

What Is a String Trimmer and How to Use One?

Any garden and backyard require constant attention. There is a continuously growing lawn that needs to be looked after and weeds that should be destroyed. In both cases, you cannot do without modern tools. In this article, you will clarify the following questions: what is a string trimmer, what ...

Best Gas Weed Trimmer – Top 7 Models and Guide

A gas-powered string trimmer is a universal tool for cutting grasstops, weeds, and even thin woody stems. Using this power tool instead or along with your lawnmower lets, you achieve perfect trimming quality even in hard-to-reach areas. A gas engine creates enough force for efficient grass slicing ...

Best Cordless String Trimmer – Choosing From the Best Ones

My gardening passion, boosted by a Botany Degree from the University of Maryland, adds to my vast experience in agriculture and woodworking. The first-time buyer's challenges are a thing of the past for me, and you don't have to suffer as well. Over the years, lawn care tools have evolved, and ...

Best Gas String Trimmer for a Remarkable Service

We live in the age of technology and modernity, which keeps changing at an alarming speed making the world a better place to be. For instance, and most importantly in terms of gardening, the slashers and secateurs have been replaced by the gas string trimmer. String trimmers that are powered by ...

Best Battery String Trimmer to Purchase on Amazon

It’s impossible to imagine a professional gardener without a high-performance string trimmer. This is an irreplaceable tool in case you want to cope with overgrown patches of weeds and bushes. Besides, it will be useful for people who just want to keep their lawn crisp. Although there are ...