Best 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw Blade Buying Guide

Best 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw Blade to Buy in 2020

People love doing repair upgrades within their homes for various reasons. For me, it just never feels right to call someone to do simple repairs unless there is a need for some professional help. The reason for this may be the fact that I have a huge passion for gardening and woodworking. This passion drove me to pursue a course in botany that has helped me work in the gardening industry.

However, the main challenge of not involving professionals in renovations is finding the right tools and materials for your project. For example, if you want to fit your bathroom with new tiles, you will probably need a new blade for your tile saw. But which blade do you go for? 

Among the options, you should consider the seven-inch variety of diamond blades. As their name suggests, they are blades that have integrated diamonds on the edges. This makes them suitable for cutting even hard materials, including concrete, granite, and marble — such blades are many on the market. 

My name is Ronnie Collins, with a degree in Botany and with a great passion for woodworking and gardening. In this article, I will focus on analyzing some of these seven-inch diamond blades. 

Best 7 Inch Tile Saw Blade Reviews– Ideal Blades for Wet Tile Cutting

This section will analyze the best diamond blades that you can use for cutting tiles.

1. QEP 6-7001cr 7″ Rim Diamond Tile Saw Blade- Best 7 Inch Wet Tile Saw Blade

The QEP 6-7001cr is a 9.8 x 8.7 x 0.2 inches wet cutting blade that weighs about 0.7 pounds. This seven-inch blade is made from stainless material. The choice of this material helps ensure that the blade is strong enough to perform the required task of cutting tiles. Stainless steel is also known for its durability, mainly because it is resistant to corrosion and rusting. 

The product also comes with a diamond-coated rim that improves its functionality in terms of cutting power. This is an important feature in these blades as it determines how smooth you cut your tiles. Also, it influences the number of damaged tiles you will have by the time you finish your work. The cutting speed makes it suitable for wet cutting of materials such as ceramic, marble, porcelain, and granite. 

Another impressive feature with the QEP 6-7001cr 7″ is that it has a high speed of 8730 rotations per minute (RPM). This is an outstanding speed for a seven-inch blade. When cutting tiles, the blade speed is essential as it influences how efficient you perform your task. The idea is that a faster spin of the blade ensures that it makes a better quality cut. Therefore, there will be minimum chips of small tiles flying all around you. 

The high speed of rotations also influences other aspects, such as safety while working. You do not have to worry even when it rotates at high speeds. It will neither vibrate aggressively nor keep swaying from side to side.  The speed of the blades will usually determine their compatibility with the different saw brands because each saw has its speed.

  • It is a high-quality blade for a very affordable price;
  • The blade features a diamond rim technology that increases the accurateness of its cuts;
  • It has a very high rotation speed for a seven-inch blade;
  • It is made from stainless steel, which improves its durability and strength.
  • It is not suitable for cutting harder materials .

QEP 6-7001Q 7" Continuous Rim Diamond Blade For Wet Tile Saws For Ceramic Tile
  • Exact specifications assuring the user a wobble-free blade that produces smooth and precise cuts
  • General purpose blade for wet/dry cutting of ceramic
  • Diamond blade for long-lasting performance with minimal chipping
  • 8730 maximum RPM, arbor size of 0.625 in.

2. Piranha 7-Inch (7″) Continuous Rim Wet/Dry Diamond Blade

Piranha blade weighs 1.2 pounds and measures 7 x 7 x 0.1 inches. This makes it an ideal choice for smoothly cutting through ceramic tiles. It is also good for porcelain. The company is so confident in its quality that they offer you a lifetime warranty. The guarantee includes free shipping for any defective blade returned. This warranty covers aspects such as breaking, cracking, or separation of the diamond rim from its steel core. 

It is made from high-speed steel that has been heat-treated. This feature makes the blade versatile as it is efficient for dry and wet cutting. It also contributes to the blade’s height and strength. The Piranha 7-inch also features a very thin 0.06 inches cutting rim, which makes it durable. This diameter is also essential in terms of improving the efficiency of the blade. It is no surprise that it has a maximum operating speed of 51000 rpm. This high speed also lowers the cost per cut features while also minimizing the level of tile wastage during operation. 

  • It is very versatile as it can be utilized for both wet and dry cutting;
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty;
  • It is made from heat-treated high-speed steel for improved durability;
  • It features a thin diamond cutting rim that contributes to its low-cost cuts ability;
  • It is also very affordable for its quality.
  • Not very reliable for cutting harder materials such as stone.

Piranha 7-inch (7") Continuous Rim Wet/Dry Diamond Blade for Cutting Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Stone & Similar Materials
  • This general purpose diamond blade is used for cutting a wide range of materials including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite, marble, slate, terrazzo or anything similar.
  • Specs are 7" diameter X .060 thick with a diamond-7/8"-5/8" universal arbor for all tile saws, circular saws and hand-held grinders.
  • The core is made from heat-treated hi-speed steel and is guaranteed to withstand the demands of dry cutting.
  • The thin (.060) cutting rim allows for the best combination of cutting speed and blade life while producing a first-class cut! It is also 10mm tall which maximizes cutting life and offers a low cost per cut. Recommended operating speed is 5,100 RPM.
  • This top-quality product is made in USA and backed with a 100% lifetime warranty plus free return shipping! If it ever breaks, warps, cracks or shows any indication of a material defect (being used for its intended use), or if the bond between the diamond rim and the steel core becomes separated at any time, it will be replaced free of charge!

3. Gator Plus Wet/Dry Wave Core Turbo Diamond Blade

Gator is a quality blade that has a vast number of loyal customers. This is due to its proven track record of producing high-quality blades for a wide range of usage, including mowing. The brand has surely not disappointed in producing this 7.3 x 7.1 x 0.3 inches Gator Plus Turbo Blade. The company’s use of high quality super abrasive diamonds in the manufacture of this product has helped uphold their good reputation. The use of this material helps the blade’s cutting efficiency while at the same time, increasing durability. 

The durability aspect of the Gator plus turbo blade is further enhanced by the fact that it is made of the heat-treated steel core. This design feature also improves the amount of air flowing through the blade while also minimizing the amount of friction generated while using the blade. This helps in not only contributing to the smooth cut it makes but also making it an ideal seven-inch blade for both wet and dry cutting. The strength of this material also makes it suitable for cutting hard materials such as concrete, terrazzo, roofing tiles, and stones. 

  • This high-quality blade is suitable for both wet and dry cutting of both soft and hard materials.;
  • It has an extremely high maximum speed of 8730 rpm, which contributes to the high quality and smooth cuts it makes;
  • It can be used in both grinders and circular saws thanks to its 7/8-inch arbor and 5/8 bushing.
  • Irrespective of the high quality, some customers consider it as premium priced.

Gator Plus 7-Inch (7") X .095 X DM-7/8"-5/8" Wet/Dry Wave Core Turbo Diamond Blade for Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Roofing Tile and Similar Materials
  • If you like our Gator Blade then you'll love the Gator Plus Blade! Made with the highest quality GE Superabrasive diamonds, this blade will cut faster, last longer and cost less than any other blade on the market.
  • Gator Plus features a wave design, heat-treated steel core that increases airflow, reduces friction and is guaranteed to withstand the demands of dry cutting.
  • Use wet or dry when you want first-class cuts on masonry, concrete, stone, roofing tile, pavers, slate, terrazzo and any similar material.
  • Dimensions are 7" diameter X .095 thick with a Diamond Knockout arbor for Skil Saws. Included is a 7/8" arbor and a 5/8" bushing for adapting to other circular saws and grinders. The maximum safe operating speed is 8,730 RPM.
  • Because this is a top-quality US made product it is backed with a 100% lifetime warranty that also includes free return shipping. If it ever breaks, warps, cracks or shows any sign of a material defect (being used for its intended purpose), or if the bond between the diamond segment and the steel core becomes separated at any time, it will be replaced free of charge!

Get Your Ideal Blade-7 Inch Wet Tile Saw Blade Reviews

The choice of a blade for cutting tiles is not only influenced by the brand’s reputation but also suitability for the required function. In most cases, professionals like masonries will prefer a blade that is versatile in terms of being fit for both wet and dry cutting. They will also probably want one that can manage to cut hard materials such as concrete. 

Based on this review and other online 7 inch tile saw blade reviews, the Gator plus model would be an ideal choice for them. However, this choice may not be the right one for someone shopping for a blade to perform simple tasks such as cutting ceramic or porcelain tiles. One reason for this is the high pricing it demands. 

However, this review has established some crucial aspects you should consider before deciding on what blade to buy. Among essential elements is the blade’s speed, which influences issues such as efficiency in operation and user safety. You should also take note of the material from which the blade is made. This aspect affects both the strength and durability of the blade. 

Other aspects include features such as pricing and the blade’s warranty terms. Based on these aspects, which of these blades would you consider buying? How efficient was the blade that you have been using before, and would you recommend it to others? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comments section.

  1. Thanks for mentioning QEP 7 inch tile saw blade here, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I bought a bunch of these in a local Home Depot and I would say that’s a good investment especially if you want cut granite tiles quickly. Works with porcelain tiles too.

  2. A few days I was using a fancy diamond rim 7 inch tile saw blade for wet and dry cutting but it felt apart. Can you suggest me some good replacement for this task?

    • Reply
      Ronnie Collins 23.12.2019 at 12:17

      Hey there, Bill. I suppose you were using an unsuitable saw for your task. For example, if you want a decent blade for wet/dry cutting of ceramic, marble and porcelain then check QEP сontinuous rim blade. For harder materials, you’ll need something made of steel covered with super abrasive diamonds like the Gator Plus blade.

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