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Duromax XP12000EH Review & Buyers Guide


Duromax XP12000EH Review & Summary

Product Name: Duromax XP12000EH

Product Description: DuroMax products are renowned and known for their durability and power. Most of the company’s products are heavy-duty but made for people who know what they want from their power supply. While modern generator manufacturers prefer to use electricity as a power source, DuroMax Dual Fuel generators give you a choice. Equipped with both gas and diesel tanks, the fuel is a feature you can choose based on your preferences and needs. Having one of them at your side is a benefit of being independent of your standard power supply chain.

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Using backup generators for emergencies and additional power supply is a great idea. DuroMax XP12000EH Manual Control Generator is a top choice among modern energy-supply utilities. Not only does it perform its duties efficiently, preventing power losses, but it’s also compact and neat to ensure the ease of transportation.

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About XP12000EH

Highly portable and functional, DuroMax 12000 Watt generator is a means of powering your home or trailer regardless of the conditions outside. The generator offers a wide array of features to ensure the stability and efficiency of use. It provides the medium and large-sized property with a constant, undisruptive power supply amounting to over 11,000 Watts.

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Made for longevity, the product is 100% metal-based with a stainless steel coating. It’s highly resilient to corrosion and dampness, which protects the hardware from moisture and surges. Weighing less than 230lbs, the Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator is easily moved and relocated on sturdy, rubber wheels that prevent sliding and ensure stability.

Suitable for powering lights, utilities, boilers, and other appliances, the product is a durable power source for multiple-use. It’s equipped with surges and power blackouts that don’t allow minor or major power supply disruptions to damage your in-house appliances. If you want to adjust the current to your appliances, you can opt between 120V and 240V, or you might as well apply them at the same time.

DuroMax XP12000EH Specs

Duromax XP12000EH: Technical Specs

Fuel Gas/Propane switchboard
Running Watts (gasoline) 9500W
Surge Wattage (gasoline) 12000W
Running Watts (propane) 11400W
Surge Watts (propane) 9025W
Tank Capacity (gasoline) 8.3 gallons
Tank Capacity (propane) 40 gallons
Output 120/240V outlets
Weight 260 lbs
Run-time (gasoline) 8.83 hours
Run Time (propane) 7.2 hours
Noise Level 74 dB at 1/4 load
Versatility Multiple-appliance activation
Features Automatic oil detection and voltage detectors;
Certification EPA/CARB


Since the generator has a starting power of nearly 10,000W, it takes little time to warm up and starts supplying sufficient energy right away. As other Duromax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator reviews claim, it maintains the supply for 7.2 hours when run on propane and 8.83 hours when on gas. This time is enough to restore the power supply of a house or trailer cut off from electricity.

DuroMax vs Champion Generator

Many people wonder about the difference between the two generator high-fliers. Champion 100165 is almost 30 pounds lighter and has a spacious oil tank, which is great for powering small or medium-sized premises. Yes, it has got its perks, but there is more to it.

As it goes in many DuroMax hybrid generator reviews, it’s equipped with a larger fuel tank for both gas and propane (457cc), whereas Champion is only around 439 cc. Also, the model is much more powerful than Champion with 4500W of difference and 1 additional outlet. On top of this, DuroMax uses only copper windings, whereas Champ prefers to utilize less durable alloys.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The XP12000EH model is a blend of functions and precautions. It’s made to prevent unnecessary power losses, as well as secure appliances from surges. The main advantage of the product is that it allows the user to switch between file modes. It helps regulate fuel consumption and reduce the overall cost. Also, the utility comes with a set of different outlets ranging from 20A to 50F, as well as their form variations.


As for the disadvantages, some Duromax generators reviews claim that the utility is very hefty. Almost 230lbs is a lot of weight to carry. However, it’s equipped with a tough metal handle that facilitates moving it on a pair of durable rubber wheels.

DuroMax XP12000EH for Home and Comfort

Preventing power surges, the generator maintains a safe and stable power supply. This model is one of the most efficient utilities that have been certified by multiple agencies and complies with Safety Standard for Portable Generators. It has little to no competition when it comes to a good-quality power supply with propane or gas.

Anyway, I hope you have learned enough about the product to make up your mind about the generator you need. Which fuel do you prefer: gas or propane? What’s the time extent you intend to use the utility for? For what purpose? Let me know below!

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