How to Replace Trimmer Line? – Helpful Details

If you are searching for how to replace the trimmer line, you may need to change the string already, since your lawnmower does not work. Some people prefer to ask for professional help, but not everyone has experienced gardeners among their friends. Luckily for you, there are numerous instructions and even videos that teach how to replace string trimmer lines in no time. I decided to make my own guide as simple as possible so that everyone can do it. You don’t have to buy a new lawnmower. All you have to do is to learn how to install the trimmer line.

How to Replace Trimmer Line?
Installing the trimmer line is a simple process. Start by removing the old trimmer line from the spool. Once the old trimmer line is removed, take a look at the spool to see if there are any damaged or frayed areas. Change the trimmer line by threading one end of the new line through the eyelet on the spool. Wrap the new trimmer line around the spool a few times, making sure that it’s snug but not too tight. Finally, cut the new trimmer line to the desired length and reattach the spool to the trimmer.

Trimmer Line Replacement: Buyer’s Guide


Trimmer lines may look simple, but changing them can turn into a challenging process. There are several rules you have to follow if you want to know how to change the trimmer line. Keep in mind you will have to order the trimmer line in advance.

Step 1. Ready the line

You can’t just replace the weed eater line with anything you order online. There are certain dimensions like width and length that must be checked in advance. These numbers depend on a trimmer. With the wrong line, the whole instrument will not work. If you can’t find these measurements in the instructions to your trimmer, you can look for the model’s requirements online. The length is usually up to 25 inches.

Step 2. Turn off the engine

If you don’t want to lose your fingers while changing the weed eater line, make sure that the engine is off. It also must be cooled. Don’t simply press the button, it must be cold and far from the power source.

string trimmer turned off

Step 3. Remove the retaining cap from the mower’s head

Depending on the model of a lawnmower, you may need to unscrew it, push the button, or press specific tabs. Remove the spool. If you don’t know-how, and it does not seem obvious, check the manufacturer’s website. You may find helpful recommendations in other people’s reviews.

Step 4. Remove the rests of the old line and insert a new one

Here is the time to teach you how to put a line in a weedeater. You have to insert the tip of the new trimmer line in the hole you see inside the spool. Now wind it in the directions usually marked by arrows. Make strong and neat moves, and don’t rush to avoid the jams. When you see 6 or 5 inches remain to the end, you have to stop and snap it to the retainer on the spool.

trimmer lines

Step 5. Finish

You have to match the retainer and the slot outside of the trimmer’s head. Replace the spool in it. Now remove the line from the retainer to pull it in the slot. You have to check whether it goes smoothly. Reattach the cap.

FAQ About Trimmer Line

It is natural to ask questions about the trimmer line before you begin its replacement. Knowing the tool well means being able to use it beneficially. I hope my answers here will help you learn everything you need about weed eater string replacement.

How do you change the trimmer line?

I have described the whole process above. If you know which line you need, you can order it from the same developer. After that, you have to follow my instructions for the replacement of the weed eater’s trimmer line. Make sure the engine is off before you start the process.

Is the trimmer line universal?

Unfortunately, no. The lawnmower’s strings come in a different range of width. If the line is too wide for your lawnmower, you will not be able to work with the instrument. A too-thin line can easily break in the middle of the work. Usually, the width is indicated in the instructions to the model by the developer. Tools for the light work usually require 0.065 inches and up to 0.085 inches thickness. Thicker grass is cut with up to 0.110 inches line.

Can I use any trimmer line?

No, you can’t. It has to be the trimmer link of the specified thickness. There is no universal line. Its length depends on the model of the lawnmower you use. If you are not sure which one you need for your particular tool, you have to check out this information from the website of the developer. You can also search for your model and its basic requirements online.

string trimmer blue line

Changing the Line or Buying a New Lawnmower?

Some gardeners believe that nothing can compare with the original trimmer line once it is worn out. It is probably true. Not every string is the same. However, it does not mean that you have to throw away an expensive tool when the trimmer line is broken. You may learn how to change it as there can be multiple unexpected situations. Find out the most suitable replacement of the trimmer line or order the original one from the developer. With a proper chance, you will not even notice the difference.

Have you ever changed the trimmer line before? If you have done it, share your story in the comments below. Which procedure did you find the most difficult? Did you buy the line from the lawnmower’s developer?

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