How To Change Circular Saw Blade: Complete Guide & Tips

If you are here, your circular saw blade is probably dull and has to be replaced. Although the process seems to be quite easy, I think it’s essential to learn how to change the circular saw blade safely first. Following my concise step-by-step guide, you won’t face any difficulties.

However, I also recommend you to take a glance at the official user manual as well to be sure that you turn everything in the right direction and place the parts back in the correct order. The whole thing takes around 5-10 minutes. Ready? Let’s start!

How to Change Circular Saw Blade (Step-by-step Guide)

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You should think about your safety first, so it’s important to do everything in the correct order. Both corded and cordless saw blades require proper handling even when they’re turned off. You can avoid safety rules only if you have a few spare fingers!

Step 1: Unplug the power cord or remove the battery

Even if the power switch is turned off, things can go wrong by accident. I knew some stories when people neglected this rule and lost limbs because the switch turned on at the wrong moment. Actually, over 30,000 tables saw injuries occur annually in the US.

Step 2: Secure the blade guard and arbor

When the power source is disabled, you can press the arbor lock button to rotate the blade until the mechanism locks it still. Otherwise, you won’t be able to loosen the arbor nut.

Step 3: Loosen the arbor nut

Take your blade wrench to loosen and remove the arbor nut that holds the blade. The rule is always the same – turn the nut in the same direction as your saw cuts.

Step 4: Remove the worn-out blade

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First, remove the upper blade guard. Removing circular saw blade, you should be careful not to cut yourself. Even if the blade is dull on wood, it’s always sharp enough to injure your fingers. Take a piece of thick cloth or wear a glove to take it safely and dispose of it carefully so that it wouldn’t fall and hurt somebody.

Step 5: Install the new blade onto the saw’s arbor

Use the same glove or a piece of cloth to take the new blade and pull saw blade replacement onto the arbor. Make sure that the teeth face the right direction. Check out the arrow on the guard if you’re not sure about it.

Is everything correct? If yes, put the upper guard back and tighten the nut with a wrench. But don’t overtighten it as you should be able to change the blade when the time comes. If you have a diamond-shaped arbor, use a hammer.

Step 6: Test the circular saw

Enable the power source and make a test run to make sure that you install a circular saw blade properly. If it rotates smoothly, make a test cut. If you notice too much vibration, stop the tool quickly and check if everything is right.


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Readers of this blog and customers ask me these questions very often, so you probably have them too. Here are the brief answers. Don’t skip this section, and you’ll achieve a better understanding of the topic.

When should I change the circular saw blade?

You should replace circular saw blades when you notice any signs of damage. They may include absent or dull carbide teeth and dull, broken, or curved metal teeth. The wear-off speed also depends on the number of blade teeth.

What is the safety measures while changing the circular saw blade?

Safety measures for maintenance of a circular saw are quite simple:

  • Always unplug the cord or remove the battery first;
  • Don’t take the blades with bare hands;
  • Don’t overtighten the nut;
  • Test the tool before use.

Cut Safe!

Congratulations! Now you’re an expert on how to change the blade on a circular saw. Don’t forget to save this article to bookmarks in your browser and return to it if you forget something.
Is it the first time you replace the cutter on your circular saw? You’re welcome to ask questions in the comments if something is not clear enough. Take care!

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