How to Put a Chain on a Chainsaw? – Step-by-Step Guide

Looking for clear universal instructions on how to put a chain on a chainsaw? I will help you out! In this concise step-by-step guide, I share all the essential steps, cautions, and tips that will help you to put the chain on painlessly.

How to Put a Chain on a Chainsaw?
When putting a chain on a chainsaw, you’ll need to first thread the chain through the drive sprocket, and then loop it around the bar. Make sure that the teeth on the chain are facing the right direction, and then tighten the bar nuts to secure the chain.

Before you start, I’d recommend you take a few minutes more to get acquainted with the chainsaw safety policy. This is a risky tool, so you should be careful and do your best to master proper handling.

How to Put a Chain on a Chainsaw (Step-by-Step Guide)


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Putting the chain on a chainsaw, you should take the essential precautions. First of all, you have to unplug the tool, remove the battery, or drain the fuel tank. You must do this to avoid an accidental engine activation. It’s also important to know how to select chains and bars properly.

Step 1: Place all the chainsaw parts in front of you

As you remove the old chain using the wrench, you will have the nuts, guide bar, and side panel in front of you. If the chain is on, remove it too.

Step 2: Clean the bar and the chain

Use a thick brush to remove the loose debris from anywhere they are. Then take the bar, clean the groove, oil the inlet hole, and wipe the surface with a cloth. Spray the bar and chain with a certified Multispray (or else) and wipe off.

Step 3: Secure the chain around the sprocket

Take the bar and put the chain on it. Now place the chain on the sprocket carefully and ensure that it’s attached firmly. It’s also important to put the bar on the right side.

Step 4: Pull the chain to the desired tension

Chainsaw chain tension is highly important for safety and cutting quality, so use the tensioner to achieve the desired strain. Double-check that after you assemble the saw fully.

Step 5: Place the cover plate back

If you are sure that the chain sits properly and firmly, you can put the cover plate back on the saw. The cover plate is used to secure the sprocket from debris.

Step 6: Put the cover-plate housing screws back

Take the screws, put them back, and tighten them up with a wrench. Some chainsaw models have built-in locks, which make the process toolless.


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Here are brief answers to the questions that my readers ask most frequently about chainsaw chains. Read them through to have a deeper understanding of the topic, and don’t waste your time on guesswork!

How does a chain get off from the bar?

Most likely, the chain tension is too low. A misfunctioning tensioner can also cause this. Finally, there’s a chance that you bought the wrong tool. In any case, the consequences may be awful, so inspect the system before starting to work.

Which way does a chain go on a chainsaw?

No matter which model of chainsaw you have, the chain always goes clockwise.

How to fix a chainsaw chain?

In most cases, the easiest way is to replace the chainsaw. If you repair a broken chain, the chances that it will let you down soon are much higher than if you get a new one.

How to put the chain back on an electric chainsaw?

The process is pretty much the same, but usually a bit easier due to the simplified designs of most electric chainsaws.

Ready to Cut!

Now that you know how to install a chainsaw chain and handle it safely, you should get ready to master the needed sharpening techniques. These tools get dull quite fast!

Did my guide answer all your questions? If not, you are welcome to ask me questions in the comments section below.

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