When to Change Oil on Generator?

When you buy any equipment, you want it to last a long time, especially if you work with it a lot. What do you need to do for your generator to keep it working well for many years? To keep your generator clean and working properly, you need to do regular maintenance or hire a specialist for this.

Special attention should be paid to changing oils. Let’s read about it in more detail.

What Type of Oil Should I Use in My Generator?

First, you must remember that different types of oil suit different machines, and using the wrong oil can damage the engine. Also, if you use low-quality oil it won’t perform well too.

To pick up the right oil, you should consult with the manager before the purchase or you can look through the information provided by the manufacturer to make the right choice.

Another thing to keep in mind is timely changing your oil in. For this purpose, you may ask for the service provided by specialists or keep track of your oil change yourself. If you choose to get a service from professionals – make sure you are well aware of the prices and the billing details, and learn more about the oil change invoice sample to be on track. Weather conditions should also be taken into account, as this may change the type of oil your generator needs. Experts usually recommend using oil with lower viscosity at low temperatures and oil with higher viscosity at high temperatures.

How Often to Change Oil in Generator?

The frequency of a full oil change may vary depending on the type of your generator.

Thus, for the smaller models of the gas generator, replacement is required every 50 hours of operation. Large models operating on diesel fuel require replacement only once every 500 hours. Also, do not forget to replace the oil filter when the oil is changed. For standard models, specialists recommend replacing the oil at least every 100 hours of use. This is especially necessary when using the unit on a regular basis, but before replacing it, you must allow the generator to cool down.

If you have not used the generator for a long time, you still need to change the oil before you start for trouble-free operation. In any case, if you have never changed the oil before, please, consult with a specialist.

Take care of your generator and it will last you for many years.

Ronnie Collins

Ronnie Collins

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