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The smoothness of your chainsaw chain can have a huge impact on the safety of your tool. On one hand, a dirty, dull, and poorly adjusted chain can cause kickback. On the other hand, regular maintenance can extend the life of your instrument.

How to Adjust Chainsaw Chain?
There are two ways to adjust the tension on your chainsaw chain. The first is to use the adjustment screws on the side of the saw. These screws control the amount of slack in the chain. If you wish to tighten the chain, turn the screws clockwise. To loosen the chain, turn the screws counterclockwise. The other way to adjust the tension on your chainsaw chain is to use the bar clamping mechanism.

In this article, we will talk about how to adjust chainsaws to make sure you get the best performance from the tool. Adjusting a chain is a fast process that requires a few tools and a little bit of effort.

How Tight Should A Chainsaw Chain Be?


It should be tight enough to run smoothly, but not too tight. It should be able to freely move up and down the guide bar. You should be able to lift the chain by the tip without it dropping down.

If it drops down, then the chain is too loose. If it is too tight that you can’t lift it, then you need to lose the chainsaw chain to be able to operate it.

How to Tighten Chainsaw Chain?

Adjusting the chain is not a very complicated procedure, but there are some specific things you need to do in order to properly maintain the chain. The following steps will assure that your instrument will stay in great shape and you will be able to use it for a very long time.

After you checked the chainsaw chain tension, the next thing to do is to loosen the retaining nut that holds a chain in place. If you are using a Stihl chainsaw, there is a special wrench for this purpose. This step allows you to have more room to move the chain so you can tighten it.

Then, adjust the tension of the chain until it is possible to move it up and down about 1/4 inch. This can be done by simply turning the tension screw.

When you finished adjustments, tighten the retaining nut to keep the chain in place. Doing this, hold the tip of the chain tightly in your hand and lift it up.

Now you can use your chainsaw without having to worry about the chain coming loose or coming off.


Adjust Chainsaw Chain Stihl

In this section, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about chainsaw chains.

Why do you need to do the tighten-up?

It is very important to keep the chain tight because it can wear out very quickly if it is too loose. This will cause the tool to make a lot of noise and can make it very difficult to work with.

When the chain gets too loose, the bar will hit it and this will make a lot of noise. The chain will also come off very easily when it is too loose. This can lead to some serious problems while you are working.

By making sure that the chain is always properly adjusted, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. This means that you can work efficiently and effectively.

How tight should the chain be on a chainsaw?

The rule of thumb is for a chainsaw to be running smoothly you should be able to pull the chain out of the guide bar with a little bit of resistance.

Do I need a chain tightener to do the job?

A tightener is a nice tool but not necessary. I often tighten chains by hand. It is very easy to learn how to do it.

Why is my chain loose?

The reason may be damaged, stretched or broken parts, or a worn sprocket. Also, you should check the tightness of the sprocket bolts.

How to check the tension?

You just need to hold it with your fingers and feel the tension. When you find the end link is too tight, you can try to push it away by hand. If it moves, loosen the end link with a screwdriver. If the end link is too loose, you need to tighten it. Screw it out.


As you can see, it is not that hard to adjust your chainsaw chain. It is important that you have a quality chain so that it will cut smoothly and last longer. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. We will be sure to reply.

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