1/4-28 Tap Drill Size Complete Guide

1/4-28 is a tap drill size important for anyone working with threaded fasteners. This is the size of tap needed to create a drill bit 1/4 tap. This size is often used for small-diameter fasteners, such as electronics. The tap drill size for 1/4-28 can help ensure that the correct size tap is used for the job, and can also help prevent damage to the threads.

What Size Drill Bit is For a 1/4 Tap?





The 1/4 inch tap drill size is 7/32 inch. A tap drill size is the diameter of the drill bit that is used to create the correct hole size for a tap to thread into. The hole should be slightly larger than the tap’s diameter so that the tap can easily enter and grip the sides of the hole.

This size drill bit is typically used for drilling into metal, and it is important to note that the correct size drill bit must be used in order for the tap to work properly. If a drill bit that is too small is used, the tap will not be able to create the proper threading. Additionally, if a drill bit that is too large is used, the tap may break or become damaged.

How to Choose Drill Bit For a 1/4-28 Tap?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a drill bit size for a 1/4 tap. The first is the size of the bit. The next is the type of material you will be drilling into. And finally, the speed at which you will be drilling.

  • Size: The size of the drill bit is important because it needs to be the same size as the tap. If the drill bit is too small, it will not be able to create the threads needed for the tap. If the drill bit is too large, it will cause the tap to break.
  • Material: The type of material you are drilling into will also affect the size of the drill bit. Softer materials will require smaller bits while harder materials will require larger bits.
  • Speed: The speed at which you drill will also affect the size of the bit. Faster speeds will require smaller bits while slower speeds will require larger bits.

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How to Drill With a 1/4-28 Tap?

To drill the bit with a 1/4-28 tap, you will need:

  • A drill bit
  • A 1/4-28 tap
  • A drill

Start by chucking the drill bit into the drill. Then, slowly drill into the material you are tapping with the drill on a low setting. Once the drill bit has penetrated the material, increase the speed of the drill and continue drilling until the hole is the correct depth for the tap.

Next, insert the 1/4-28 tap into the chuck of the drill. Again, start on a low setting and slowly tap 1/4 hole. As you tap, the tap will create threads in the hole. Once the tap has gone all the way through the hole, reverse the direction of the drill and back the tap out of the hole.

You have successfully drilled and tapped a hole using a 1/4-28 tap!

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What Is the Correct Size Tap Drill for a 1/4-28 Thread?

The tap drill for a 1/4-28 thread is 0.213. This is the size that should be used to create the threads in the hole. It is important to use the correct size tap drill so that the threads will be the correct size and will be able to properly engage with the threads on the bolt or screw.

How Do You Calculate Tap Drill Size?

To calculate tap drill size, you need to know the thread pitch of the tap. The thread pitch is the distance between threads on the tap. Once you know the thread pitch, you can use a chart to find the correct tap drill size.


If you are using a 1/4-28 tap drill size, it is important to use the correct size drill bit. This size tap drill is used for tapping screws and other fasteners. It is also used to create threads in metal and other materials. The correct drill bit will create a hole that is the same size as the tap drill size. This will ensure a tight fit and prevent the tap from stripping the thread.

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